JACLYN HILL X MORPHE Vault Swatches: Are They THAT Bad?

The controversial debate continues for Jaclyn Hill X Morphe latest collaboration “The Vault”, and unless you’ve been living under a rock you’d KNOW exactly what I am talking about! For those who don’t, here’s a quick recap.

The Tea

The tea spilled pretty messily for Jaclyn regarding her latest collaboration with Morphe. Many people were unhappy with the formulas of the palettes, claiming inconsistencies and overall low quality of the colors. Prior to the launch, Jaclyn revealed the four palettes on her Youtube channel, which of course generated a huge shroud of anticipation before the initial launch, but it wasn’t long until people (basically all of Youtube’s top beauty influencers) started calling her out for “lying” and “deceiving” her followers about the true nature of her swatches.

The impeccably swatched/ perfectly “pigmented” colors shown on her channel were replaced by a hoard of unsatisfied customers’ tweets of their patchy and uneven smears of the colors from the collection. The uproar was too huge for Jaclyn and her team at Morphe to overturn, so Morphe decided to “push back” the initial launch date so that they can further asses and make amends to the collection before relaunching them at a later date– or so you think! JH reassured her followers on Twitter that all existing palettes with their inconsistencies have been removed and destroyed. Yes. DESTROYED. The news at the time reassured many of her loyal fans, and so the case was put to rest. At least, for that moment in time.

Fast forward to a month or two later, the news of the relaunch got out that Morphe only needed (literally) a month to miraculously make all the needed amends to the botched collection. People were both amazed and started becoming skeptical of the new launch date, and questions began to circulate regarding whether or not the old batch was really destroyed. It didn’t take long. After the second launch, more influencers called JH out about lying about lying about the old batch being destroyed. (No that’s not a typo, the repetition is meant to be there). And as you can imagine, this made the mess spiral even more out of control. People were now even more skeptical than ever before, going as far as comparing the V1/V2 codes they find on their palettes. This lead many to believe that the “V” on the boxes stood for “Version 1” & “Version 2” but in actual fact, they are merely just production codes as Jaclyn has recently pointed out in her latest video regarding the whole thing.

Fast forward to a couple more weeks, and here I am, chin-deep with curiosity about the whole thing! After seeing so many mixed reviews about the palettes (mostly bad I must admit), I was intrigued enough to go out and purchase my own to see what the heck the fuss was all about.

My Thoughts

And now here’s what I think. It really is not THAT bad.

Yes, the matte colors were chalky, and swatches TERRIBLY but seriously what did you expect for palettes that go for $15 each? The whole bundle (with all four palettes) goes for $49! With finger swatches, the matte colors were very patchy and uneven and struggled to blend at all, but if you give them some time to work in the product, they really aren’t that bad. I have a new video coming up where I followed one of Jaclyn Hill’s tutorial step by step on how she uses her Dark Magic paletteOnce that’s up, I will link it right here.

The shimmer colors, on the other hand, did not disappoint. They swatched out beautifully and most were nice and pigmented! However, there’d been some claims that the shimmer colors swatches terribly with brushes, so I guess I still have that to test out.

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