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Today I will be sharing my review on some Japanese beauty products I picked up from NMNL! As many of you are aware, Asian skincare and beauty regimes have become more and more popular by the day. However, as beauty enthusiasts from all over the globe flock to the one main explosive K-beauty trend right now, many forget that J-beauty or Japanese beauty have been on the scene for much longer. Before discovering my love and passion for Korean skincare and beauty secrets, I was once an avid admirer of Japanese beauty. Similar to Korean beauty products, the majority of Japanese beauty products pride themselves in using extracts from organic ingredient sources with the main focus on anti-aging and youthful looking skin. Therefore when the Japanese subscription beauty box brand “No Makeup No Life” or simply known as just “NMNL” contacted me to review one of their beauty boxes, I jumped at the opportunity right away!

Japanese beauty

 5  Japanese beauty and skincare products

1. Hada Bijin Tofu Soap

The first product from the box was this very interesting “tofu soap“. Even the packaging was reminiscent of how fresh tofus are packaged! Very cute and innovative. It comes with its own little tofu basket and foaming net that you can put the soap in for the perfect lather. The soap can be used for both your face and body and it is comprised of soybean extracts and bittern- the same ingredients used to make tofu! It also contains the extracts of apricot seed and yuzu fruit ( a type of traditional Japanese fruit), both of which promises moisturizing and nourishing properties to the skin.

Japanese Beauty_ Hada Bijin Tofu Soap

“Contains tofu making ingredients- Soybean extracts & Bittern”

Japanese Beauty_ Hada Bijin Tofu Soap

I was surprised by how well the soap lathered up and I do feel that the foaming net has a part in it. The lather created a very hydrating wash, but for this particular review, I only tested the product on my hands. From what I understand you can also use the soap on your face and the rest of your body. After the wash off, my skin did feel nice and moisturized.

2. Candy Faceline Massage Toothbrush

Next, we have a rather interesting looking toothbrush! This candy “face line” toothbrush has been created in conjunction with dentists to not only help clean your teeth but also massage away your laughter lines as you do so! That’s right! The odd looking round ball on the side of the toothbrush will apparently help massage away the inside of your mouth and help dimish premature lines around your mouth! If that’s not innovation then I really don’t know what is! The ball part can also be used to plump up your lips by gently pressing on them.

Candy Faceline Massage Toothbrush_ Japanese Beauty

“The bump at the end of the toothbrush helps to reduce laughter lines!”

Japanese Beauty_ Faceline Toothbrush

So to be absolutely honest with you, it felt so WEIRD! It feels as though I am brushing my teeth with a ball! I was not able to maneuver the brush around as well as I would have if there were no ball involved, plus my hands kept slipping off the handle of the brush making it even more difficult to brush my teeth thoroughly. I am not sure if it’s because this was my first time or if it’s the type of product that you just need time to get used to it but I was not really that impressed lol. However, if it does do what it claims to do then I guess- it’s worth persevering through right?

3. Lassic Creamy Mint Body Massage Milk

This massage milk contains soothing skin-tightening ingredients such as caffeine and fruit extracts from orange, lemon, and bilberry. It also contains hyaluronic acid which helps to nourish and moisturize the skin and the one notable ingredient you can tell from just a whiff is the mint in the body milk. This ingredient gives a cool and tingling sensation to your skin as soon as you apply it!

Lassic Body Massage Milk Creamy Mint_ Japanese Beauty

This body milk has a very light texture and is quite runny. It does absorb into my skin well and gives a soothing moisturized feel afterward. However, the tingling sensation threw me off a little! It felt like menthol on my skin and you can definitely get a very distinct minty smell from the cream. I am not sure how I feel about the product, I think the smell and “tingly-ness” is a little too strong for my liking!

4. Coupy-design Gel Eyeliner

The only makeup or cosmetic product I got from this box is the Coupy-design eyeliner, which is a cute, pretty purple gel liner that gives a nice and smooth application. The texture is creamy and glided onto my skin well. The pigment of the eyeliner is pretty nice and I can see myself using this as an accent color to my eyeliner look.This liner also contains 10 moisturizing ingredients, which gives it that effortless application.

Coupy Design Eyeliner_Japanese Beauty

5. Rune Naito’s Rune Girl Face Masks

The last item from this box is the Rune Naito’s Rune Girl Face Masks. The design of the packaging was actually done by Rune Naito, and if you’re not familiar with who he is, he is pretty much one of the founding fathers of what we now know as the “Kawaii” culture of Japan.

Rune Naito's Rune Girl Mask_ Japanese Beauty Review

“Rune Naito is one of the founding fathers of the Kawaii Culture”

Rune Naito's Rune Girl Mask_ Japanese Beauty Review

This package comprises of two masks, and the interesting thing I noticed is that they’re actually made in Korea lol. It didn’t give much information if what ingredients there are in the mask, but all I can say is that I definitely had better masking experiences in the past.

Japanese Beauty nmnl beauty box

Final thoughts:

My overall first impression of all 5 products in this box is somewhat average. Besides the first two products, (the tofu soap and the toothbrush), nothing else appealed to me. In my opinion, for $30 monthly subscription fee I expect the box to be more “filled” with better quality products. The mask was definitely my least favorite. Overall a rather dismal first impression from my part.

Interested to learn more about Japanese beauty boxes? Check out nmnl website HERE

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