My 6 Step Korean Skincare Routine! Get Unready With Me

6 Step Korean Skincare Routine_Taya SunazDo you ever get the feeling that all you want to do is collapse onto your couch after a long day at work, not wanting to ever get up to face the world again until morning? I get that EVERY EVENING! It’s perfectly understandable why the last thing we would want to do after a long hard day of out and about is embark on an (almost equally as long) Korean skincare routine, hence why most people would rather skip out on a thorough skincare routine in order to cut down on time. But hey! It is these small sacrifices we take out of our busy schedules that will make us and our skin be thankful later..say 10 years down the line? It is crucial to incorporate a healthy and most importantly “do-able” skincare routine. Today I will be sharing with you a comprehensive 6 step Korean skincare routine (that I think is not too crazy as the 10 step!) but still, gives your skin the pampering it needs after being exposed to various environmental factors all day. This is a step up from “the normal” everyday skincare routine, and you can keep/eliminate any step according to your skincare needs at that particular time.

6 Step Korean Skincare Routine_Taya SunazSo you might be wondering, but hey Taya! You mentioned 6 step but why do I see 9 products in the picture? Well, firstly for the fourth step (which is the serum step) I will also be mixing in a second product to as part of the routine, also the last two “bonus steps” as I like to call them, are additional steps you can throw in when you need extra TLC to troubleshoot certain skincare concerns or when you need extra pampering! Troiareuke Recovery is a great product that you can add to your routine when your skin is screaming for SOS! The last bonus product is the W Dressroom Perfume Hand Cream “Always Happy” in the number 34. Smells absolutely amazing and helps you to relax as you unwind for the evening.

Now that I roughly gave you an overview of all the lovely products I will be sharing with you in my nighttime routine for today’s post, I would also like to make a quick disclaimer. This review/routine is part of my video submission for Stylekorean’s 2017 “K beauty Guru” search contest! (One can dream, right?) haha! I was fortunate enough to make it to their second round, so of course, if any of you would like to help vote me through to the next round, I would certainly be very happy and appreciative! Vote here


Heimish All Clean Balm_Taya Sunaz

The most important start to every skincare routine is, of course, to make sure that your face is completely clean from makeup, dirt, and grime. So to kick start, I will be using the All Clean Balm from Heimish to remove all traces of makeup. I have used this product before (as I am sure many of you also have by now!), and I absolutely love it. It cuts through waterproof makeup so efficiently and cleans all traces of makeup without the dreaded “panda eyes”. Suggested use is to massage the product onto your dry face and gently massage away as the cleanser dissolves your makeup away. Some people like to rinse off but for me, I prefer wiping away the oil with some facial cleansing wipes until my skin is completely rid of makeup.

Heimish All Clean Balm2_Taya Sunaz


Next up cleansing. For this step, I will be testing out Etude House “AC Clean Up Daily Cleansing Foam”. I have always been an avid fan of Etude House face cleansers, therefore I was very excited to try this product out. This cleanser contains Salicylic Acid which is a great exfoliator for acne prone skin, it also contains Glycerin and Amino Acid to give both hydration and moisture back into your skin. It claims to soothe inflamed and sensitive skin, therefore for those suffering from acne inflammations, this product is worth a try! The product foams up pretty well and has a nice refreshing lime scent to it, and my skin feels quite moisturized and hydrated after washing off.

Etude House AC Clean Up Daily Cleansing Foam 2_Taya Sunaz


So why exactly is the Toner step so important? Many people may forget or skip or like me before, do not entirely understand the benefits of incorporating the toner step, but it really is worth the extra time you put in. Toners are water-based liquid that contains active ingredients to help address specific issues. It helps to smooth the skin’s surface and remove any traces of makeup and oil that your cleanser missed and minimizes signs of redness and inflammation. Most importantly it preps your skin for the anti-aging treatments and serums to follow.

Natural Pacific Fresh Herb Calendula Tincture_ Taya Sunaz

It contains 90% Calendula & Malt Extracts and Papaya enzymes and claims to help remove dead skin cells and other toxins while supplying moisture and nutrition back into the skin. The word “tincture” is used to describe the combination of herbs and extracts that have been steeped for 4-6 weeks, and the recommended use is to use a cotton pad during application. I personally like to gently pat all of my toners directly into my face because I feel it works better for me that way, but you can do either or. The first impression I got is a very soft to the touch texture and my skin definitely felt very moisturized afterward.

Natural Pacific Fresh Herb Calendula Tincture Korean Skincare Routine


So before we begin this step, you might be wondering (as I have been for quite some time lol)…What EXACTLY is a serum? Many people tend to get serums/essence/facial oils confused with one another, and to be fair it’s very understandable why that may be so.

Serums come straight after the cleansing & toner step, and the reason is that the ingredients in serums are made up of smaller molecules that can penetrate into the skin straight after cleansing & toning. This makes it a lot easier for the product to deliver high concentrations of active ingredients directly into the skin when the skin is newly cleansed. This step is important if you want to target specific skincare concerns, like wrinkles and fine lines!

Aromatica Rose Absolute First Serum Review_Korean Skincare_Taya Sunaz

The serum I will be testing out today is the “Aromatica Rose Absolute First Serum”, which is an all in one toner+serum that claims to help improve uneven skin tones and gives optimal hydration with anti-aging benefits. It contains rose extracts and Niacinamide which helps boost the skin’s elasticity and Aloe Vera for hydration. The product, I must say, smells absolutely amazing!

Alive Lab Centella Dressin Powder_Korean Skincare_Taya Sunaz

With this serum, I will also be using the Centella Dressing Powder from Alive Lab, which is essentially dubbed as a “magical powder” that helps target troubled areas on your skin. You can either directly dab it onto the target areas where you are most likely to break out at the very last step of your skincare, or you can mix it in with one of your skincare products as I am doing here. I will be mixing mine with my serum before applying it onto my skin.

Alive Lab Centella Dressin Powder 2_Korean Skincare_Taya Sunaz


Fun fact: Not many people know that using face masks straight after serums & toners actually help to enhance the absorption properties onto all the products previously applied underneath the mask. I myself did not know this fact until I started researching for ways to better incorporate sheet masks into my skincare routine! Today I will be using this luxurious gold foil mask from Leaders Ex Solutions, and it contains so many beneficial ingredients! The ingredients include “Pure Bud Complex” which helps to calm irritation and protects the skin, “Ginger Extracts” which helps to tighten and boost the skin’s elasticity, “40 antioxidant compounds” to help anti-aging and “Mushroom complex 4” to help with hydration.

Leaders Ex Solution_Gold Foil Mask_Taya SunazAbout 3-4 minutes into the masking session I can definitely feel the warmth from the mask, which I am guessing must be from the outer gold exterior of the mask trapping my body heat in. The Mask comes as a two-piece, one for the top half of the face and other for the bottom half, and the recommended time is 15-20 minutes. After the time was up, I worked the rest of the product into my skin until everything was absorbed and I must say my skin felt super moisturized and hydrated afterward!


Finally, we reach the 6th step of today’s skincare routine! Moisturisers are usually applied right at the end of the routine- just keep in mind of the application order from light to heavy products first. Moisturisers also help lock all the beneficial ingredients from the products you have applied beforehand in place.

Mizon Multi Function Formula_All in One Snail Repair Cream_Taya Sunaz

Not going to lie, but out of all the products mentioned this product was the one I personally looked forward to trying out the most! The main ingredient for this cream is, of course, the 92% snail extract which is the key component to what makes this cream so popular! It promises to reduce fine lines, acne scarring and blemishes and is ideal for oily and acne prone to combination skin types. The cream was very soft and silky and absorbed well into my skin. I only needed very little amount for my whole face! Definitely, need to use this on a long-term basis to get the max benefit from it.

Mizon Multi Function Formula Review_Taya Sunaz


As mentioned previously, the next products are considered to be my “bonus steps” or additional steps to my skincare routine, should I need extra TLC for my skin. They are the types of products that you can choose to incorporate (or not) into your daily skincare. The first product is the Troiareuke  Recovery Cream, and it is dubbed as the “wound eraser”. It helps your skin to recover from any scarring/blemish marks or more serious prominent skin damage. The main ingredient for this product is 100% Centella Asiatica, which is great for cell regeneration, wound healing and inflammation reduction. This product should be used at the very last step of the skincare routine.

Troiareuke ACSEN Recovery Cream Review_Taya Sunaz

The Perfect HAND CREAM!

I don’t know about you but there’s something about the smell of a good hand cream that totally relaxes me! One such hand cream is the W. Dressroom Moisturizing Perfume Hand Cream No.34 (Always Happy), and oh my goodness is this such a lovely cream! Every evening or night before bed, I try to make it into a habit of moisturizing my hands too. This cream contains Shea Butter, Argania Spinosa Kernal Oil, and Aloe Extracts.

W. Dressroom Moisturizing Perfume Hand Cream No.34 (Always Happy) Review_Taya Sunaz

Alright guys, so this is pretty much it for this blog post! I hope you enjoyed reading and don’t forget to head to my video for the actual demo of all the products mentioned. Any of these products you’d want to incorporate into your Korean Skincare Routine? Let me know and I’ll see you in the next post! Bye! x

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