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Good morning! Today I want to share some fun swatches with you all, and these are the metallic matte lip colors from MEMEBOX Pony Effect collection. This collection has been around since July 2017, so it is not exactly new but it is still a beautiful and fun collection 🙂 I was kindly gifted these by Memebox, so if you are interested to trying these for yourselves you can click here (FYI not affiliate link)

So there are altogether 8 fun shades in the collection, and the one thing that surprised me was that despite the bold, loud colors, some of the shades appeared quite wearable after swatching them on my lips! You can build up on the color for a bolder look.

So let’s kick everything off with the first color! This one is the lightest out of the bunch and it’s called “Gold Digger”, which is a pretty milky metallic peach shade that I personally thought was quite wearable.

Next up is “Unicorn” and this is a bright pop of pink with a tinge of salmon undertones to it. This color looks to be more of a shimmery shade than a proper metallic compared to the first one. Nevertheless it is a very pretty color.

The third shade is “Lovesick” and this is a nice sultry burnt garnet sort of shade that is very fitting for fall. I do like that it has a slight hint of copper to it. Very unique and pretty.

Next is “Bae” which is probably one of my favorites! It is a beautiful pop of iridescent red that gives a hint of fuchsia whenever the light hits it. A great accent color for any makeup look.

 “Surreal” is a fun deep purple grape sort of shade with a beautiful blue metallic sheen. This is another gorgeous and unique color for when you want to go all out.

“Possessed” is the shade that I was least expectant about, but once swatched I actually ended up liking it. It gives me that brick brown 90’s lips vibe which is so cool.

“Cold Blooded” is this striking cobalt blue color with flecks of iridescent silver to it. So pretty and very mesmerizing! The pigmentation is so rich after 2 coats.

Last but not least is “Witchcraft” which is more of a granite grey color with pretty silver flecks. It looked black at first but in the light it gives a cool granite color.

So there you go! Which of these 8 fun shades would you try? I personally love “Bae” “Possessed” and “Surreal” lol..I couldn’t decide between them! Thank you for reading until the end and don’t forget to check out my video! See you in the next post.

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