GIVEAWAY! COSRX Clear Fit Blemish Cushion REVIEW + Longevity Test⎮Does it LAS…

Today I will be reviewing the new COSRX Clear Fit Blemish Cushion that has been the talk of the town of late! I was kindly sent this for review by COSRX themselves as part of the HUGE gift bag we all got from the first Seoul Blogger Brunch, and since my haul video I had many people asking me for a more thorough review.

True to most k-beauty brands, this cushion comes in only two shades. Number 21 & 23. Today I will be focussing my review on the #23 (Natural Beige) and I am also hosting a giveaway on it! If you are interested to enter, please click here.

This cushion contains SPF 47 PA++  and contains 21% Centella Asiatica leaf water & extracts, which is essentially a crucial ingredient in this cushion. It’s a type of water plant or herb that has anti aging properties, as it improves the synthesis of collagen and skin tissues. It can also boost antioxidant activities and so is ideal for people with acne prone and sensitive skin.

The one main thing that impressed me about this cushion is its coverage and finish. I really love the fact that a little really does go a long way, the only thing I don’t love so much is of course the actual shade itself. I find it to be a little bit too late for my darker south east asian skin tone! Still I tried to make it work by applying a little bit of the product at a time without pressing too hard on my skin with the pad.

So as you can see on the left side of my face the shade appears to be a tad bit lighter compared to the right side of my face. However, once you blend it out properly and apply blush and bronzer the finish looks better and the color will look more blended in. This was me at 10:00 am, about to head out of the door! Don’t forget to check out my full video for the longevity test from morning to night!


Longevity: 8/10
Towards the end of the day, my skin did start peeking through the cushion due to the humidity throughout the day. For some people, this may look too dewy and thinned out but because I have dry skin I personally don’t mind. You can top up with loose powder or touch up throughout the day if you wish. I just decided not to for the purpose of the review.

Shade: 7/10
Although the shade was still light, it is still workable but I would have loved it if they came out with more shades to fit all undertones! This one was very yellow and “ashy” for my skin so it would be great if COSRX could come out with more to fit all skin tones!

Finish: 9/10
Probably one of my favorite finishes! It’s not too matte or dewy but a perfect satin finish, suitable for both oily and dry skin textures. Very workable and build-able.

Value: 9/10
It currently retails for $24 on Stylekorean, which I think is a pretty decent price range for COSRX. Interested in trying it out for yourself? Click here.

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