Hello everyone! Today I come to you with another mask review & quick demo on this I DEW CARE “Berry Bubbly Purifying Bubbling Berry Clay Mask”..yep it’s a tongue twister alright! I have the pleasure of testing out this product through the courtesy of MEMEBOX, and so today I will be giving you my raw first impression on this little gem!

First off let me fill you in on what the main ingredients are in this clay mask. The first main ingredient is the “Kaolin Clay” which is a soft white cosmetic clay that is great for sensitive skin in particular! It helps to detoxify your skin, reduce excess oil, treats acne and purifies pores! The second main ingredient would be the 3 berry extracts (Blueberry/Raspberry/Strawberry) each with their own beneficial contributions to our skin. The raspberry helps to moisturize/hydrate the skin, the blueberry provides the skin with all the necessary antioxidants, and finally the strawberry helps with oil control.

The texture of the clay itself appears to be very “pudding-like” or “mousse-y” in appearance. It has a lovely floral scent with a slight hint of fruity twang mixed in which I found really pleasant as I applied the mask! So the direction states that you should apply only a thing layer of the product onto the face, and this is because it works super fast! As soon as the mask touches my skin, it pretty much started bubbling a few seconds later! So working fast to apply the mask onto your face evenly is key.

Once the mask is on and you have pretty much filled in all the gaps, leave the mask to bubble its way into your skin for 10-15 minutes. Do not massage the product into your face during this time, just let it work its magic- you can work the rest of the bubbles into your skin later while you cleanse off your face!

After cleansing my face, I really did feel a significant difference in my skin! Especially its appearance! The skin felt very hydrated and moisturized and it also looked really bright and glow-y too. Recommended number of uses is twice a week for best results, and I can definitely see myself indulging in that!

So how do I feel about this mask? All in all I do feel that it is a great mask, especially for people with dry and sensitive skin, and also for bubble lovers! This mask although it was a tad bit messy, it worked well and was fun to use. I really like how fast it worked on me and clear results can be seen instantly even after the first use!

Where to buy? You can get it at ULTA stores nationwide or ULTA.com!
or Amazon

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