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Good Sunday morning everyone!

Today I want to brighten up your weekend that little bit more on my review on these magical UNICORN circle lenses…yes..you heard it right! These beautiful creations have been circling the K-beauty trend for the last month or so..and frankly it is not that hard to see why it has been such a big hit amongst circle lens fanatics like me..they are bloody gorgeous!

The lenses that I will be reviewing for you guys today are these unicorn/galaxy inspired ones from a Korean brand called “Color Scandal” To be honest with you I actually had my eyes on another brand, “Lunar Prism” where I first learned about the existence of these unicorn lenses. However, luck was not on my side that day and I was not able to find them at my local Lens Me shop (a popular circle lens chain in Korea). The lady at the shop introduced me instead to these alternatives and man I am so happy I got these instead! They were so pretty and cute and fun..I could seriously get lost staring at their beautifully blended shades of pastels and flecks of violets on these contact lenses all day!

So before I begin my review, I want to quickly go over the basic information on these lenses. These are the silicone hydrogel lenses with Base Curve of 8.6  & 14.0 mm Diameter with 3 months life span. I got altogether 4 colors from Lens Me: #9, #12, #19 & #24.

This first one is the #19 with a maroon packaging. The colors on this one is a beautiful soft blend of maroon/ violet/ peach with flecks of brown and light blue thrown in there! Absolutely gorgeous and made my eyes look so anime! lol

The second one is the #9 and this one is a beautiful sky blue with a lighter blue blended on the iris and a subtle violet ring around the pupil. To be honest with you I thought this color would be the most “unnatural” looking one out of the four since the blue was so blue..but as it turns out..it really did not look too bad at all! 

Despite its rather “loud” color, I am still surprised by how “wearable” it still is. This color will be great for dress up parties or even halloween, it doesn’t look too faked out but at the same time it doesn’t look too crazy. Really love them!

The next color I got is the #12 and this one is definitely the most wearable one for me out the four that I picked! I personally prefer grey circle lenses are it is but these were not like any other I have tried wearing before! Just look at all those colors! 

I really did not think they would like that natural on me but I was really quite surprised when I had them on! I think the brown band around the main iris really helps make the lenses look more natural on the wearer. My favorite so far!

And the last final pair for today is the #24 and I guess this pair for me was definitely the most “unicorn” one out of the four lol..It made my eyes look like gem stones or crystals! Very beautiful blend of violet/pink/ blue..pretty much all the colors of the rainbow haha.. 

So there you have it! My review on these beautiful Unicorn lenses…do they live up to their given name? Would you guys try them? Let me know! Hope you guys enjoyed this review and if you are interested in any of these circle lenses check out my online circle lens shop! (Yes that’s right I have my own online contact lens store because I am too much of a circle lens freak lol) See you all in the next post x

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(All lenses are made in KOREA)

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