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So today I want to share with you some 3CE goodies I got from Stylenanda Pink Hotel (Myeongdong) and in particular their new LOVE 3CE Velvet Lipstick that they just launched not so long ago. I actually have a Vlog from the day as well so if you would like a tour around the store please click right HERE to my travel section of the blog. But for now let’s get started on the swatches & review on the LOVE 3CE Velvet Lipsticks!

So this collection comprises of eyeshadow duos, cheek colors and of course LIPSTICKS! And it was the latter that I went straight to as soon as I entered the store.  There are altogether 12 available lip colors to this collection, 6 of which have sheer/glossy finish and the other 6 have a nice velvety matte finish (more matte than velvety for me)

I decided to go for the velvet lipsticks instead of the sheer glossy ones since I personally prefer matte finishes, and out of the 6 I selected only 5 (the only color I did not get was #Laugh)

So let’s take a look at the first color I got!
1. #YOUTH This color is a bright red with a nice smooth orange undertone to it. Since it is a lighter red, it is totally appropriate for day time wear. Absolutely love this color!

2. #SUGARCANE This is the only “neutral” nudish color I have from this collection!( The rest are all red tones) This one is probably the one I would find myself gravitate to for everyday makeup look! It is a nudish peach coral color which is perfect for the summer.

3. #GIRLSGIRLS is another vibrant red color with a slight deeper tone than #Youth. It is a true red color & very pigmented!

4.  #TAILORED Yet another red! This one is even deeper and vampier than the previous two (slightly burgundy) it is a nice & rich deeper red, if you prefer your reds a tad bit darker.

5.#FETCHING – And finally onto the last red on this list! This one is another gorgeous red tone but with more of a fuchsia undertone. Another super pretty color!

So what do you guys think of these “Red tones” velvet lipsticks from the new LOVE 3CE collection? To be honest I don’t mind since I LOVE red lipsticks anyway..and these all have different undertones to them which I like. The application itself was quite dry to be honest but then having said that I have very dry lips so make sure to exfoliate and moisturise well before applying on any matte lippies! (So to avoid yucky flaky lips) Overall I am happy with my batch and I am even thinking of getting the one last color I didn’t get which was #LAUGH. I chose not to get it at first because of the light peach color which I though was going to be way too light on me. Here is a closer look on how the colors swatch next to each other so that you can see a better comparison.

Anyhow hope you guys enjoyed this quick review! For a more in depth review please don’t forget to check out the full review video on my channel!

COLOR: 10/10
PRICE: 7/10

Get the LOVE 3CE Velvet Lipsticks HERE

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