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So as promised I will be blogging on my experience of the new Stylenanda Pink Hotel (and if you like the color pink this is a MUST VISIT for you when you come to Seoul! lol) Of course it is not technically a hotel but it is a hotel themed flagship store..Very cute and extremely aesthetically pleasing as you will see when you watch my full VLOG tour of the place! This flagship store is located in the heart of Myeongdong, aka the haven for all K-beauty lovers and fanatics! It is on the blue line (Subway line 4) exit 6 and very easy to find. 

There are altogether 6 floors including the rooftop, each with its own theme as you walk up the store. Two floors are dedicated to 3CE cosmetics and the other two dedicated to their STYLENANDA clothing brand. 

 As soon as you walk into the store you will be greeted with a huge hovering bed over your head with the words “No Thinking” written in neon lights. To the right you will find an array of “hotel keys” dangling from the walls in the lobby leading up to the main shopping area of the store. 

During the time of writing this blog 3CE Love Velvet Lipsticks just recently launched, which I just swatched and reviewed HERE. I really loved this collection for its cute pastel packaging and high quality texture of the colors. You can also read my full blog post on these velvet lipsticks HERE for a more detailed review! 🙂

On the second floor, the theme is “Spa room” or bathroom. The whole place was decorated with chic marble tiles and gold sinks with a bathtub full of pink lilies and carnations as the main highlight of this floor. 

It was at this floor that I did most damage to my wallet of course lol. This floor was probably the busiest too out of the 6. 

Next floor up is the third floor, and this floor was themed as the “Hotel Rooms” of the store and this is where you can purchase all the Stylenanda apparel and accessories from. The layout was very chic and brightly lit with a great display for both clothes and accessory pieces, so for fashionistas out there this floor is definitely your stop! 

Up one more floor and you have the “Laundry Room” which is on the 4th floor. This is also another Stylenanda Apparel floor and it is themed as a chic Laundromat! How adorable are those barrels of clothes on the walls? Super unique and aesthetically pleasing! 

On the 5th floor, the theme is “Pool” and another STYLENANDA clothing floor, this time you can shop all your summer necessities from here! They have a bunch of cute bikinis and accessory pieces but I for one am in no shape for bikinis right now 🙁 This floor also houses the store’s cafe area where you can buy drinks and snacks before going up to the rooftop area which is on the 6th floor.

So what do you guys think? Would you want to visit this store? I personally loved my experience here and have been coming back here twice already just to browse through for more goodies! I think if you are a big fan of Stylenanda and 3CE in general this is definitely worth checking out! Drop me a comment down below and tell me what you think of the place! See you guys in the next post ^^ x

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