The MOST PAINFUL Mask EVER?! Elizavecca Hell Pore Clean Up Mask REVIEW &…

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Today I come to you with the acclaimed “Most painful peeling mask EVER!!” Now this product has already been out in the market for quite some time now and I really contemplated whether or not I should even do a review on it since there are already SO MANY reviews/ videos on them already! Nevertheless my curiosity got the best of me lol. I really wondered if it was as painful as everyone says it was?? Or is it all part of a really clever marketing strategy the company has decided to come up with? And with this in mind I dove head first to testing it out for myself..and boy was I in for a very big reality check! HAHA!

My initial reaction when I first got the product was oh my goodness what a cute packaging! True to all Elizavecca products, the packaging is fun and cute. The product came in this convenient squeezable bottle and the consistency of the mask itself is slightly viscous but not sticky. It also has a nice fresh scent to it. It was really to apply, I used my spare spatula to thinly spread the product all over my face.

You can build on the thickness to however much you like but I decided to spread a thin layer this time round. After a few minutes, the mask tightened up a little bit especially around my mouth and jaw area, and by the time it was15 minutes (recommended time to leave the mask on) it became really difficult to talk or even move my mouth! The mask dried off to a very plastic looking finish and as you can guess, this is what makes it almost impossible to peel off!

Also the bits of mask that were left stuck on my hands and fingers all turned into this weird elastic glue-like residue! It took me a while before I could even find where to peel off the mask because it stuck on like super glue! AND please don’t do like how I did! I should’ve peeled the mask from the bottom up but for some reason I did it from the top first and regretted it immensely lol.

After a tough 10-15 minutes or so I finally peeled off the mask..and OMG was it PAINFUL! I could literally feel every single nerve ending tingling as the mask peeled up every single inch of whatever it could pick up on my face lol..Besides whiteheads it also managed to pick up all my baby hairs as well haha!! 

Anyway joking aside, this mask is pretty was painful yes but the strength it had to pull out all that gunk on my skin really left me quite impressed. My skin did feel quite tingly but surprisingly it left my skin semi moisturized. (*TIP* Make sure to use a steam towel on you face for a few minutes prior to applying the mask first to help open up the pores!) However I don’t recommend it for people with sensitive or acne prone skin because this product is quite intense on fragile skin! I think once a month use or once every now and then is good enough for me! I don’t see myself using it again any time soon though lol. 


Pain Level: 10/10 (lol)

Effectiveness: 8/10

Price Range: 8/10

Hit/Miss: HIT!

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