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Good Saturday afternoon from Korea guys!

So yesterday I finally uploaded my new skincare review on the Lee Jiham (LJH) Bio +N line. Now this brand is not a new brand, however it is not exactly the type of brand that would suddenly pop to mind straightaway when you first think of K-beauty. Now I am not saying that it is not a good or not a well known brand, it is just not a brand that is as “commercially recognized” as other  typical K-beauty skincare front liners out there.. (unless of course if you are a true K-beauty brand fanatic then you would probably have heard of it once or twice before lol) Anyway, in my opinion this brand and in particular these products are so underrated! and what really strikes me about this brand is the fact that they are the first cosmeceutical skincare brand in Korea. Dr. Lee Jiham who is the founder and creator of this brand created this brand based off his need for suitable skincare products for his aesthetic and skin patients at his clinics after their operations. His idea of combining pharmaceutical products with cosmetics is definitely something to marvel at. I really love the idea of having a skincare product that not only beautifies you but also improve the health and well being of your skin in one go! Super cool idea!

So let me just quickly summarize up the whole idea behind this LJH line in particular. The BIO +N Alike Skin Toner & the BIO + N Barrier cream both comprises of up to 85% Bio mineral water instead of purified water. For those of you who are not sure of the benefits of “Bio mineral water”, this is essentially a skin identical ingredient which aids in helping the product get absorbed better into your skin. So instead of the products just staying on top of your skin when you apply it, the bio mineral water assists in absorbing all the rich ingredients of these products straight into your skin! I think of it as an expressway for your skin to receive all the nutrients from the skincare products lol.

Another great property of this line is that it is super soothing and feels hydrating and gentle on the skin! My dry skin was literally lapping up the toner and the cream. They absorbed so well into my skin and so smoothly that within seconds I could see that my skin had more moisture level to it. Since the brand concentrates its core ingredients heavily on Korean herbal extracts, the BIO +N line is deemed as hypoallergenic. It is soothing and gentle enough for people with sensitive or acne prone skin and the brand even claims that it is mild enough that even kids can benefit from them! I am also pleased to inform you guys too that this line DOES NOT contain any Parabens, Talc, Mineral Oil or Alcohol, which makes this skincare line even more of a wonder for me as to why it is not more recognized than it is now!?

Finally let me wrap up one last benefit and probably the biggest one for me lol. IT IS ANTI- AGING! Hallelujah! lol..For those who are in their thirties like me, this is the most IMPORTANT factor for me when it comes to selecting or trying out skincare products. Both the toner and the cream has a skin barrier property which helps to protect your skin from all the pollution and other external environmental factors which could dry out and clog up your skin, ultimately leading to fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes.

The last product in this review is on LJH Vital CC Cream, and this is also another little gem of a find for me! This CC cream is such a time saver! It is an all in one multi tasking CC cream which comprises of makeup, sunscreen & vitamin C. But it is its ability to “Natural skin tone match” which really intrigued me! This CC cream not only brightens and hide imperfections in one step but it also automatically skin matches according to your skin tone to give a nice natural finish without looking chalky or leaving an overcast. At first I was a little concern because the cream looked really white and since it also contains SPF, I was afraid I would not be able to blend it out properly. I was wrong lol. The cream blended in and absorbed pretty quickly into my skin I was so surprised! It also gave a nice natural looking coverage. I personally like light to medium coverage because I don’t like anything too heavy on my face especially during the day, and as you can see even with a small amount I was able to achieve that. Of course you can build on it if you prefer full coverage! It is nice and light so I really like it so far for my daytime wear.

So all in all what do I think of these three products from LJH so far? If you haven’t guessed it already, I am pretty impressed! These are my first products I have tried from this brand and it is fair to say that I will definitely be trying out more! 🙂 I heard that their Vita Propolis Ampoule is a hit at the moment..maybe I will try that


LJH Bio + N Alike Skin: 9/10

LJH Bio + N Barrier Cream: 8/10

Vital CC Cream: 8/10

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