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This morning as I looked into the mirror what appeared back at me was a worn out looking person with serious under eye bag issues and dull looking skin, and that was when I realized I have not been looking after myself as much as I should have been. It seems like nowadays work has overtaken every single aspect of my life- I no longer have the time to eat or sleep properly, let alone exercise regularly. What we have decided to prioritize ourselves with these days overshadows the very existence of our well being and health, and by the time we finally settle down to enjoy the fruits of our labor from all the “work” we have been doing all our lives, that is when our body starts to retaliate- hospital bills starts flooding in, achy joints and back pains starts spreading discomfort throughout our body, it truly is the debt that we all must pay for not taking the time we should have to look after ourselves properly. 

Apparel by FLX’N Activewear

So with this in mind, I have decided that I really should do something drastic about it. I don’t want to be one of those people who ends up having to pay half of my pension to hospital bills and living out my life in wards. No. I won’t let that happen! For this very reason, I decided to start being kinder to myself, to LOVE myself a lot more, to prioritize MYSELF first, and this is why I have decided to start a new section in my blog dedicating to a better living and lifestyle choices that I hope will not only keep me in check but also help to motivate whoever reads this to do the same. My plan is to start exercising at least 3 times a week (from 0 workouts!) and also watch what I eat more closely. I want this to a be longterm goal and health achievement so I want to slowly get myself into it so that it sticks and becomes part of a “better me” over time. I am not looking for quick fixes to my body image but a long term investment to healthier lifestyle. 

Apparel by FLX’N Activewear

So with this said, I urge you all to follow me on my journey to being healthy! This is my first post for this section and I hope as the posts increase, so will my stamina and determination towards a better and healthier me! Stay tuned for more updates on how I go about achieving a “Happier Healthier Life!” #TayaFitness

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