Elizavecca Black Head 3 Step Solution & Kangsipack 24k Mask Review⎜SUPER…

Hey guys! So today I have a pretty late review post on two Elizavecca hit products from 2016 (Hopefully it’s not wayyy too late!)

I just have time to review them all for you now so I decided to jump right into it and do two at once!

FIRST UP… Elizavecca 3 Step Black Head Solution

So I am pretty sure you all have seen numerous reviews on this 3 step nose strip for the majority of 2016 already, made even more popular by the sudden wave of interest in black head removal DIY’s and video reviews. This 3 step nose strips promises to effectively remove blackheads and white heads, to which I am more than obliged to follow because during the time of this review I have the most ANNOYING white head lodged on the tip of my nose..and seriously it won’t budge! Yuck!

So let’s jump right into it!

STEP 1: The first strip is a cotton pad saturated with some kind of watery essence. This step is meant to help open up and clear out your pores. (10 -15 minutes) However I left mine on for a little longer (20 minutes) 

The results after the first step left the skin on and around my nose feeling pretty soft, so at this point I was optimistic of my little friend being pulled out. 

STEP 2: This second step is meant to help absorb the blackhead. The strip looks a little bit like a sticker, I had to peel off the plastic backing before placing it onto my nose. But as you can see from the photo, I had some trouble trying to put it on properly it didn’t stick right around the crease of my nose as it should have done. My nose was pretty damp at this point from the first step so I am not sure if it needs more dampening before the second step. Anyway, at this point I decided to leave it on for another 20 minutes being peeling it off. 

After the 20 minutes was up, as you can see the bridge of my nose cleared up pretty nicely, however the sides (where the nose strip didn’t stick on right) still left a few white heads here and there. My little friend on the tip of my nose, unfortunately was STILL there so I was a little disappointed 🙁 

STEP 3: This last step is meant to tighten the pores back up by use of cellulose mask. Now this step was really nice and soothing and it did leave my nose feeling very soft and supple!

My Verdict: 5/10

Since it did not pull out my little friend I can only give this mask a 5 unfortunately. I was a little disappointed because of all the “raves” this product had prior to my trying it out. I did receive a little tip off from a viewer that it may be because my nose was too dry or that my skin was not damp enough prior the second step. I will have to give it another go to see if this is indeed the case! Besides that, the last step did leave my nose feeling soft!


Alright guys let’s move onto the SECOND PRODUCT! Another popular product from Elizavecca and this is the Kangsipack 24k Gold Mask! (Whooop!) To be honest I was super excited to try this one out because…well come on it’s GOLD!! 😛 Now this product to do the following main things to your skin after even the first use:

1. Nourish & moisturize the skin

2. Brighten up & Make your skin GLOW for daysss

First up let me tell you all the cool properties of how gold can benefit your skin health in general:

1. Reduce signs of fine lines

2. Slows down the aging process

3. Boosts Elasticity

4. Puts moisture back into your skin

5. Slows down the depletion of collagen process

So hell yeh I jumped on it! This mask like most masks requires 15- 20 minutes of your time while it works its gold magic on your skin. 

The consistency of the mask was pretty bouncy and easy to apply, and as you can see within minutes after smearing the mask all over my face it started turning white around the edges before turning completely white & slightly chalky by the 10th minute.

After washing off the mask after the 20 minutes mark, my skin felt super duper soft. I was really surprised! The mask melted off my face as soon as it came in contact with water, turning it back to the yellow gold color. My skin did look and feel brighter so I can honestly say I was a lot happier with this mask than the first one I tried! However, make sure to moisturize straight away because after a while my skin felt a little dry.

My Verdict: 8/10 

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