We are moving to KOREA! ⎜Channel & Life UPDATES!


So by the time you read this post, I will be in KOREA already! 

So much has happened within the last few short months, so many things to do in such little time that I have not been able to update this blog at all..well now you know why! Now that things have started to die down a bit, I am hoping that I will start dedicating more of my time to writing and updating more on this blog for you all. But for now, I am ECSTATIC to be in S.Korea!..(for obvious reasons!) I will be based out here for approximately 1 year because of my husband’s work and hopefully within that time I will get to share many exciting new adventures and beauty finds for you guys out here! Make sure to follow my new segment “Korea Diary” to see the latest updates of our lives out here in the land of Kpop!

Ep. 1: KOREA DIARY ⎜ Packing & Moving Day

Ep. 2 : KOREA DIARY ⎜ Flying to Korea & First Day in Seoul!  

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