Dear Klairs 클레어스 BB Cream Review & Demo ⎟Illuminating Supple Blemish Cre…

So there’s been so much hype about this BB cream, but is it as crazy good as everyone claims it to be? I finally had the chance to test it out for myself.. and despite the unfortunate one color shade it comes in (as in you don’t get much choice if you are slightly tanned or darker skin toned) this bad boy only comes in one shade, which is very light. It was very light on my skin tone too (although I was able to blend the crap out of it)..loaded it up with a bit of bronzer and blush and the outcome was pretty perfect!

Despite the very light shade, it covers up really well and very appropriate for everyday use. It gave a nice illuminating “glow” which brightened up my complexion quite a bit, and was not cake-y or overly thick at all- Perfect!

Packaging – Very simple & straight forward. Comes in a no frills or the usual cutesy types you normally see from most Korean skincare brands.

Texture- Very thick and creamy but not sticky to the touch. Glides over the skin quite well, use a little bit since it is so light! Blends well. Not full coverage.

Finish –  Nice overall “glow” (make sure you BLEND!) with slight dewy/ moisturizing finish. No “grey” over cast like most other BB’s I’ve tried in the past!

Wear- It held up well, no smear etc..

SCORE: 8/10

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