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Hi Guys! Welcome to the dry skin club lol!
Ever wondered why your skin gets crazy dry during the colder months? If you have naturally dry skin like me, then you definitely share my pain! Dry skin can be both irritating and at times painful if not taken care of properly. Cold weather and harsh winds contribute to dry skin and do hot showers! Hot showers can dry out the natural oils in your skin fast, which is bad news to me since I LOVE my long hot showers especially during the colder showers to me is like therapy as well so it is such bad news that being in it for too long can potentially damage and dry out my skin 🙁 However, all is not lost! Just make sure to moisturise and look after your skin properly with all the right products applied at the right time..your skin can and will survive these brutal Winter months!

When to Moisturise?

You should always try to moisturise your skin (face/body) as soon as you finished drying off! While your skin is still damp and semi warm from the shower is the best time to moisturise your skin since your pore will still be open. This will help the products get absorbed into your skin a lot faster than waiting a while!

Tip for dry Hair!

I have naturally thick and dry hair which can get very brittle and lifeless during Winter. My advice to those of you with similar hair texture would be to try mask your hair with a leave in hair conditioner (preferably products containing Shea butter or Coconut Oil is the best!) towel wrap your hair while semi damp and just leave it there for a while. DON’T! blow dry your hair (unless you absolutely have to!) I like to air dry my hair whenever I can. Doing this will help restore moisture and hydration back into my hair 🙂

Dry lip problems?

Exfoliate! is the best way to cure dry lips regardless of season! I have extremely dry lips which can be painful when chapped 🙁 The product I am currently using and loving is FRESH “Sugar Lip Polish”! This product is DIVINE! It is super gentle on my lips and leaves them feeling super moisturised afterwards 😀

Mix Argan Oil with Foundation!

My final tip for dry skin problems is to mix some Argan oil with your preferred foundation! I find that doing this really helped my skin stay and feel hydrated the whole day! Also the application becomes less streaky and makes the overall look more airbrushed and seamless 😀

There you go! These are jus some quick recommendations and tips for dry skin that I personally use on myself ^_^ Make sure to click on the video to watch the whole routine and the products I am currently using on myself this past Winter! Lemme know what your holy grails are for the colder months! See you in the next post ladies x

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