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Hi guys! I have another super interesting Korean skincare review to share with you today! Tosowoong has kindly sent me this Monster Cocoon Pack to review and I must say it is by far the most unusual/scary face mask I have ever tried!

First off the ingredients in this product is what intrigues me the most. As the name suggests it primarily contains Cocoon extracts PLUS Volcano clay which helps to rid your skin from dirt and any toxins that may get left behind. It also helps to minimize and cleanse pores and target blackheads and excess sebum problems.

The packaging comes in a very simple black squeezey tube/bottle with red lettering and the product itself is very watery/liquid-y with a slight hint of citrus scent to it. This product also contains one other ingredient that totally blew my mind!..and that is SYN-AKE PEPTIDE. was also the first time hearing of it for me too lol..Apparently this substance is made from components of the VENOM found in poisonous Temple Viper Snakes that are native to South Eastern nations.

It was first developed and introduced to skincare by a SWISS pharmaceutical company, “Pentapharm”,  which according to the company mimics the activity of waglerin 1, which is a polypeptide that is found in the venom of the temple viper.The substance promises anti wrinkle/ anti aging properties, which also help smooth away any saggy appearance of the skin within a short period of time and is known to have “age killing effects” upon use. It is essentially like botox in a bottle!! Anyway this piece of information alone for me was just simply mind blowing, since it was so crazy to even think of incorporating snake venom into skincare!

When I first applied the mask it goes on quite sticky..but as soon as I start massaging it into my face, it gradually starts to dry up and starts to stiffen up. They recommend you to leave the mask on for 15 minutes and by the 3rd to 5th minute, the product had already started to harden up on my face to the point that I could not smile or move my mouth! 

It got scarier by the 12th minute onwards though, because the concentration had gotten so hard it starts pulling on my skin and yup I pretty much ended up looking like a granny haha..

Finally by the 14th to the 15th minute before I had to wash off my face, the mask starts cracking up into small flakey lines all over my face. I looked pretty scary by this point wonder they call it “Monster Pack!” do end up looking pretty scary by the end of it all haha >.<

Once I washed my face I felt so much relief from my skin! (I guess it was from all the pulling and tightening!) I really felt refreshed and my skin felt very soft and smooth. I guess if I used it on a regular basis I would get used to the ‘cracking’ phase of the process! Nevertheless I really enjoyed testing out this product it was very refreshing and innovative at the same time. I am still so impressed by the ingredients they put into this product, I will definitely be looking for more Syn ake peptide related products in the future for sure! x

If any of you guys are interested to getting yourself one of these anti aging “miracle masks”..You can get it right here! I think you can also try Amazon & Ebay too although the price might be a little steep so definitely shop around. Hope you guys enjoyed reading this blog and don’t forget to watch my FULL REVIEW on YouTube! ‘Til next time guys! Byee! ^^

Moochies x

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