How are you all doing on this glorious Saturday afternoon 🙂 I am finally doing another kpop inspired makeup look for you all (decided it was time)..and this time it is based off SISTAR‘S Bora makeup in their latest comeback “Shake It”. Whether or not you are into kpop but I actually find this look to be very wearable and appropriate for the Summer! Super easy to replicate with great neutral pop of colour makes this look a great choice for everyday wear.

I am also happy to say that I will be featuring a pair of Pinkicon’s contact lens to recreate Bora’s gorgeous eyes. This pair is from the Twinkle collection and it is in the colour ‘Sky Blue’. To some these contacts can look a little daring and very noticeable when you don’t have any makeup on, but I think with the right style of makeup you can easily pull it off (the darker the better..ei ei ei)..

The actual packaging itself is pretty standard, it came in a long soft cardboard box and 5 pairs of daily disposable contact lens. This particular style were actually quite comfortable and easy to wear but you have to make sure you DO NOT continue to wear them continuously after one full day (after all they are for one day use only!)…Please look after your eyes ladies ^^..And for those wondering why not, it’s because the design of these daily disposable contact lens are made so that they are safe to wear for only one day (as stated). The materials used for these contacts cannot sustain normal handling like extended wear contact lens can which can lead to serious damage to your eye if worn for longer period of time than you are supposed to! So please be warned! >_<

Now back to the fun stuff…:P..As you can see these lens are better suited for more dramatic/intense makeup. I personally liked the dramatic cat eye look with these lens..they go perfectly together!

Brand: Twinkle Eyes

Model: Secret Series

Colour: Blue with light brown rim

Diameter: 14.50

Base Curve: 8.70mm

Water Content: 38%

Package: 1 box with 10 lens

Power Range: 0.00 to -9.00

Life Span: Daily (One Day Use)

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