8 EASY and WEARABLE Eyeliner Looks & Ideas (for Beginners)


Ladies…it’s a known fact that many of us still struggle the hell out of our eyeliner routine daily, but nothing a little practice and A LOT of patience can’t fix ๐Ÿ™‚ I am here today to share with you along with moral support, 8 super EASY (trust me) eyeliner styles you can rock this Summer!..and they’re all WEARABLE! So you don’t need to worry about going out looking like a futuristic model from a haute couture fashion magazine. All you need is your trusty choice of GEL LINER (I recommend this over liquid, pencil or any type since it is easiest to apply and control!) and a few minutes of your time to go through this tutorial with me ๐Ÿ™‚

The gel eyeliner I will be using for these looks is my trusty TARTE “Tarteist Clay Liner” but you can choose any other brands you want. Another great and wallet friendly brand of gel liner I’ve also been loving is the MAYBELLINE Gel liner. Brilliant stuff and does the same trick as TARTE but just make sure you store it upside down in a cool dry place so that it doesn’t dry out and lose its creamy consistency! As for the brush, I prefer pointy end brushes like this SEPHORA “Pointed Liner- Eyeliner precision 92” as it helps to create that perfect sharp wing that I like in my eyeliner looks.


So let’s start off with the easiest then gradually move onto the technically ‘harder’ ones shall we? The first look I’ll be sharing with you is the ‘NATURAL’ look, and yes this look is perfect for those lazy days or days when you just want to look beautiful in the most natural way possible! All you need to do is apply the liner as close to lash line as possible, draw thinner lines around the corners of your eye to your main lids, then gradually drag the line slightly downwards (without the ‘flick’) towards the tail of your eye…this will create fuller looking set of lashes and make your eyes look more prominent ^^


Next is the “PUPPY EYES”..that cute endearing look that makes anyone swoon as soon as they see you! lol…This is actually one of my favourite looks and I personally do this look frequently. It just gives you that cute and innocent vibe to your makeup without being too much…very kawaiii! Great for everyday casual wear ๐Ÿ™‚

Continuing from the ‘NATURAL’ look, what you want to do is pull the liner down a little further (the droopier, the ‘cuter’ and ‘sweeter’ you’ll look) just make sure you don’t go past lower lash line level and you’ll be fine :P. Next, fill in that little outer triangular shape on the tail of your eye with some black eye shadow and pull the shadow 1/3 of the way into your lower lash line & Voila! you have your cute and innocent puppy dog eyes for your everyday look ๐Ÿ™‚


This is actually avery watered down version of the proper anime makeup, i.e. it is more wearable! Anime is actually a more intensified look of “PUPPY EYES”, the lines are thicker, the wings are a little longer and of course there is that signature white waterline to make your eyes appear that little bit bigger ๐Ÿ™‚ Use your gel liner to go over the outer V corners of the look and bring the line 1/2 in along your lower lash line. Apply a pair of your favourite lashes and you are ready to rock your cute WEARABLE anime look ๐Ÿ™‚


This look really brings out your sexy side! You have probably seen this look numerous times and many people tend to have a hard time grasping the technique of how to create this liner look. It is actually a lot simpler than you think if you break it down. First start off with a simple wing liner look or a cat eye. Drag the wing 45 degrees upwards for that feline effect, thicken out the line then bring it inwards towards the inner corners of your tear duct area. Slowly build on the intensity as you go this way you won’t run the risk of making them too thick or uneven. Use the sharp point of your brush to gently create that piercing inner corner line, you do not need to line the inner corners of the lower part ๐Ÿ™‚


This is probably the most common of all eyeliner looks and a staple one at that! I know I am always rocking my cat eye on a daily basis ๐Ÿ˜› But if you want to funk it up just a little you can also try smoking out the liner to give it that nice softer look with the same level of intensity and glam ๐Ÿ˜€ I always find it easier to flick out the wing first (for gel liners) then gradually bring the line back down at a 45 degree angle 1/3 of the way on your main lids, before working the rest of the line onto the inner corner eye area. Again slowly build up on the thickness to your liking as you go to avoid any mistakes ^^


This is as ‘futuristic’ as it gets out of this pack :P…and still super easy to to do! Just start off with a clean cut crease outline then slowly fill in the outer V shape with your gel liner. Take a black eye shadow and use a small eye blending brush and carefully blend out the gradient effect towards the main lids.. This look gives a nice edgy twist to your makeup and can totally spice up any wardrobe look you may have on for the day!


And..finally we have our last look ^^ This is a super cute and simple look that is fun and summer appropriate! Start off with a normal cat eye wing look then add a pop of any colour you like along your lower lash line! I personally prefer to go with pastel colours since they give you a nice soft look to your makeup, but of course you can go with brighter colours if that is more your style! Here I am using my favourite CLIO “Gelpresso” Pastel Liner in this beautiful milky turquoise and just popping it right there under my lash line for that summery and girly vibe ^_^

Thank you ladies for tuning in & I hope I have given you guys a few simple ideas to do your eyeliners for Summer this year! Have a wonderful week & I’ll see you all in the next post!

Moochies x

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