Anastasia Beverly Hills Artist Palette Mini Review & Tutorial

Well….Hello there!! You must be surprised to see me still alive eh? Well my dears I am still live & kicking and once again my sincerest of apologies for disappearing on you for the past month and a bit..! There is just so much to do! You know the drill. Anyway I am back however with a rather much anticipated review for Anastasia’s latest palette for this coming Summer..that’s right ladies, it is the most talked about limited edition ‘Artist Palette’ and since its original launch date of around mid April I have seen them popping up everywhere, and hey why not jump on the bandwagon while it’s still rolling?

To be quite honest with you though I was contemplating pretty hard on whether or not I should spend my hard earn $30 on yet…another palette lol..and well being a makeup addict and self proclaimed junkie, you know the ultimate answer to that question haha! At first glance I really thought this palette looked a lot like the Urban Decay ‘Electric Palette’, what with its vibrant selection of colours and shimmery finishes. However, on closer inspection I find that thankfully this palette comes in a nice mix of earth and neutral wearable tones alongside the brighter and more vibrant colours. There are altogether 12 shades that comes in both Matte & Shimmer/Velvet finishes, making this a wonderful palette to have as part of your summer collection! Which ultimately was the deciding factor for me and luckily I managed to snag the very last one at my local Sephora! Whooop!

Also if you are like me and have a hoard full of other neutral and earth tone palettes strewn around the house, you would probably appreciate a few nice colourful palettes here and there to vamp up your looks on those days when you want to look extra colourful! The pigmentation of these colours are of course super pigmented and blendable, however I do recommend you use a primer/eye shadow base or apply them wet because they do tend to get slightly powdery when applied completely dry. 

Anyway here are some of the swatches of the ‘brighter’ colours I made comparing the UD Electric & ABH Artist Palette ‘similar’ colours together. You will notice that the UD palette is a lot more vibrant and has shimmery finish whilst the ABH has more of a toned down vibrancy but equally as pigmented.

Now onto the good stuff :P..

For today’s makeup featuring this palette.. I’ve decided to include a bit of the 90’s vibes and went with a pretty intense dark purple smokey eyes which I paired off with a gradient purple lips…Yuppp….very 1998 right?…Well since the ribbed choker is making a comeback this year, why not go back to digging the makeup look as well? ..This look may look a tad too intense for some but with the right combination of darker shades to balance out the vibrancy of the purple, it can be a very wearable look indeed.

Also I think this look would look GREAT for ladies with glasses! a bit of ‘sexy nerd’ doesn’t hurt anyone right? 😛 Anyway guys I’m off to bed now & I promise I won’t leave it this long for the next post! *Fingers Crossed* 

Night Night x

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