Sweet Vs Sexy Valentine’s Day Tutorial ft. NAKED 3 || Thai Youtube Group…

 So have you decided whether you want to be ‘Sweet’ or ‘Sexy’ for your special date this Valentine’s day? If not don’t fret because I have come up with two super easy and quick dinner date appropriate looks for that touch up of classiness and glam to your Valentine’s Day look using just ONE Palette…Cool eh? The palette of choice in this tutorial is the much beloved and versatile Urban Decay Naked 3…the palette I think most suitable for this year’s day of LOVE! 

“The Sweet & Romantic One”

This look is a great look for those thinking of spending their special valentine’s day dates at an intimate and classy candle lit dinners or strolls down by the river banks in the early evenings, whatever event it is that might fit in your bill of a ‘Romantic one-on-one’ date. It also makes a daytime appropriate wear for ladies planning on a sweet day time do.

Products Used:

→ Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

→ NYX Jumbo Pencil ‘Milk’

→ Maybelline Gel Liner

→ Urban Decay Supercurl Mascara

→ Anastasia Powder Duo ‘Caramel’

→ Too Faced Chocolate Soleil

→ MAC ‘Centre of Attention’ Highlight

→ MAC Viva Glam & Flesh Pot

→ Benefit Rockateur


“The Glamorous & Sexy One”

This second look are for those who are really..and I mean REALLY looking to make one show stopping impression this Valentine’s Day! This super sexy smokey cat eye is a sealed deal for ladies planning on wowing the pants off their partners. Sultry yet sophisticated, this is a great go to look for intimate night outings and of course those undeniably romantic dinner dates!

Products Used:

→ Urban Decay Naked 3

→ Sigma Eye Shadow Base ‘Pursue’

→ NYX Creme Brulee

→ Benefit Coralista

→ Maybelline Gel Liner

→ Urban Decay Supercurl Mascara

→ Anastasia Powder Duo ‘Caramel’

So which would it be ladies? A sweet and flirty makeup or a super sultry and glamorous look for this year’s Valentine’s Day? 😛

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