Mermaid Halloween Makeup Collab. w Cindy aka L0v3STORy13

Well…hello there you lovely human beings :P…I am back with YET another Halloween Makeup look to share with you all…really trying to dish out as many looks as I can fit into these last 2 weeks cuz halloween is just round the corner!!….Today I am also collaborating with another of my YouTube friends, Cindy from L0V3STORy13…please do go ahead and check her look out also..she is such a sweet person and a great beauty guru!..We opted for our takes on 2 separate mermaid inspired looks…mine being of course the more colourful/prettied up version and Cindy opted for the ‘darker’ mermaid look…Nevertheless we both hop U guys will enjoy this tutorial 😀
So the main palette I will be using for this tutorial is my new favourite for this halloween season, it is ofcourse the Urban Decay Electric Palette! The colours are super pigmented and vibrant, extremely appropriate for creating crazy and creative makeup looks ^_^

1. I am going to apply some white creamy shadow all over the eyes as well as the eye brows, then grabbing a blue colour from the palette I am going to trace it along the fold of my crease before feathering out the colour along the outer V.
2. Next find an old fishnet stocking and put it over your head to stencil out the ‘fish scale’ effect. Use a combination of colours U want, here I chose blue, and combination of dark and light green to gradient out the effect.

  3. Apply a pink and purple shadow along the sides of your nose and feather out the intensity for a softer pastel finish. Fill out your brows with the same colour.

4. Go ahead and apply a pair of fancy lashes to enhance the whole look, before finishing off with some gemstones along the upper inner corner of your eyes.

5. Finish off the look with a gradient colour lips, here I am using my Lime Crime ‘Poison Berry’ in the middle of my lips before feathering out the colour using a nude tone lipstick….and VOILA!  ure look is COMPLETE! ^_^

I must say though although it did take a lot of preparation before actually sitting down to film this look for you guys, I really enjoyed myself during the process, cuz I was able to experiment and really try to break out of my usual ‘wearable’ makeup tutorials I am so used to filming for you guys…so this month of Halloween makeup is deff a nice little breakthrough to the wonders of other types of makeup looks! lol…^_^

The Products I used for this tutorial were:

→ L’Oreal True Match ‘Ivory’

→UD Electric

→ Lime Crime ‘Scorpio’ Zodiac Glitter

→ Maybelline Hypergloss Liner

→ MAC ‘Flesh Pot’

→ Lime Crime ‘Poisonberry’

Be sure to leave comments and let me know what U all think of this tutorial! Would love and appreciate any feedbacks! See u in the next post my lovelies!..Moochies x

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