ETUDE HOUSE ‘Go Back’ Firming Eye Cream REVIEW!!

Hi guys! so I am back with another quick review on an eye cream product I bought a couple of months back from ETUDE HOUSE..I had originally planned to re stock on my eye cream holy grail which was the ETUDE HOUSE EYE’S CREAM in Vanilla, but unfortunately they no longer have them in stock in Thailand 🙁 which was a big bummer ‘cuz I have been using that eye cream for absolute AGES, the very reason why I was quite reluctant to even try this one as recommended by the lady at my local Etude shop. Unlike the one I was used to use, this one was apparently a better performing eye cream because it was especially formulated for those looking to either prevent or reduce signs of aging and wrinkles…*Ahem…that’s me!*…hence the name “GO BACK” literally reversing the time for your skin back to its youthful past…lol..(or so it had us wishing!) Either ways I decided that since I needed an eye cream anyway, I might as well test out this wonder cream and see if it could work its charms on my saggy under eyes @_@ may or may not have noticed but my right eye has a slight sag underneath it unlike my left…(weird right?)…anyway I had to live with this ever since I hit my early twenties which was around the time I started to appreciate the use of eye creams..although I did not use it nearly as religiously as I do now but I did try to salvage whatever I could to restore back my ‘youth’ was not until around my 25th birthday that I really cracked the whip and started becoming more strict on my skincare routine.

“Go Back to the best time of your skin”

As suggested by their motto, this eye cream is specifically formulated for those who are looking for Anti Wrinkle & Anti Aging solutions to a more youthful and collagen surged skin.

Application & Performance 

I apply the cream under my eyes twice a day. After I wash my face and before I tone, I like to apply a thin layer around my eyes before applying the toner (leaving out the under eye areas). I feel that when I do this the cream actually seeps in much better than if I leave it too long after I wash. The smell of the cream is very subtle sweet refreshing smell and the consistency of the cream is also not too thick and non sticky which I truly appreciate! I hate creams that are too sticky, and I feel this cream was just right. However, once applied I do find that it does have a lingering heaviness around the eyes, this may put some people off as they might not like the ‘heavy’ feeling of the cream (especially for those with oily skin) but for me I actually didn’t mind, in fact I felt that the sensation may be part of its working spell as it works its magic on my skin! lol…and since I have dry skin as well..this was no problem.

As for the results itself I can actually feel that my under eye areas are lifted a little bit as compared to before. I have used this product for approximately a month and a half so I can’t say I can see any drastic changes just yet, but a definite improvement is there! Like most other beauty creams, you just to need to use it consistently to see great results, and I am definitely going to continue using this eye cream to achieve that desired end results. Hopefully I will be able to post a before and after pic to show you guys any drastic changes that can be seen from using this eye cream!

My Verdict…Yay? or Nay?

I definite YAY for me since I do see results in just a month and a half so I can really look forward to a more promising end results when I continue to use it !!!…^_^ 

MY SCORE: 8/10 

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