My ZALORA Thailand online shopping EXPERIENCE!!

Hi Ladies…So I have a little POSITIVE online shopping spree experience to share with you all!! This is actually my first time shopping at ZALORA, so I decided to share my experience with what I think of it so far. I am not usually the type to go the online shopping route especially when it comes to clothes since I prefer to go see and ‘feel’ for the products in person. Also I have tried many online shops and while some of them were great the others left me a little mad with the level of unprofessionalism and lack of customer understanding. However, having said all that this site really gave me back my boost of confidence in online shopping again, not only did they deliver within 3 days of my order, they also offer a variety of payment methods I can choose from..and that’s right you don’t even need credit cards anymore…because one of the payment methods includes being able to pay at the time of your product delivery….*Screams* truly is a very modern way of online shopping and to be honest I can really get used to it! Another big gigantic plus to this experience is that if I didn’t like the products, the company allows up to 30 days return policy which is a big relief trust me! *Another big scream*

I have not always  been a ‘dress-y’ type of girl, usually I would opt for jeans or a pair of cool trousers or just leggings if I’m just at home, however lately I find myself more and more drawn to cute edgy dresses. My first pick from the ZALORA website was this stylish colour block dress with a fitted top and flared out skirt. The colour block layout was actually what really drew me to the piece, as it gives a nice illusion of a trim waistline (which I needed badly lol). I found the dress to be a little longer than expected at first (not their problem ‘cuz I am literally a midget) but found the solution of pairing it up with a pair of nice peep toes to help proportion out the whole outfit, and voila problem solved!

This “Fit & Flare Colour block” dress is actually by EZRA which is ZALORA’s own up and coming fashion brand that produces the same sort of designs as H&M (Same concept & groups of designers I think)…such great news since I am a BIG H&M fanatic! The simplicity and blend of the colours really helps dressing up or down the piece much easier. For me personally I like to pair it up with simple gold bling pieces, like a pair of these lion’s head earrings (Thrifted) and padlock and chain bracelet (H&M).

On my lips I am wearing one of my fave red lipsticks right now, this is ‘Lady Danger’ from MAC, and matched it up with my nail colour ‘Fire’ from CHANEL. Tying up bold red colours with navy blue ties the whole look off nicely!

For my second outfit choice from the website, I opted for the ever so popular “Kimono Jacket” also from EZRA by ZALORA (been wanting one for absolute AGES!!! but never managed to find the right one omg)..which was why I could barely contain my excitement when I finally got this one! This piece is by far my favourite out of the two cuz it can be styled in so many ways and really helps to funk up any outfit. 

For this blog I paired it up with another one my latest purchases, a pair of Basic Skinny Jeans (PULL&BEAR) and a Wool Hat (H&M). I took the whole look to the next level of funk with these coke coloured soda glasses I picked up from the train market (A VLOG of this trip is already up on my YT Channel so be sure to check it out!..I’ll have it listed at the end of this blog)…it’s always exciting to find hidden fashion gems at night markets (or any markets in general), thrifting has definitely become one of my fast growing passions as of now seriously!

 I also love how the layered fabric at the opening of the jacket falls around my body and does not make me look puffed up like a cupcake (I was scared about it doing that when I was deciding whether or not to get it). I guess the doubling of the fabrics which made it heavy enough to fall naturally by itself..I was really impressed by the quality of this piece especially ^_^

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