NICKI MINAJ “Anaconda” Official Music Video Makeup Tutorial

“My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, hun!!”

Hey guys! & welcome back to my humble little beauty blog…and guess what? it’s the end of YET another month! (Dang..where does the TIME go?)..not that I am complaining of course! 😛 .. so what better way to kick start a new month with a spanky brand new tutorial?…A number of U have requested and anticipated the latest Nicki Minaj makeup look from her latest MV “Anaconda”…and yes although the MV itself caused quite a stir..with all the twerking and butt jiggling…I nevertheless absolutely adored & thought Nicki’s makeup look was perfect!!!

Absolutely LOVED how they paired up her bronzy glow on her eyes with a pretty pink nudish colour on the lips…and soft bronzer glow on her cheeks, the whole look really tied in well together with the gold accessories she had on too…(Thanking God that she has better makeup looks now than she did in her previous hits lol)…& yes I am talking about Super Bass 😛
So of course I had a go at recreating this bronzy glow makeup look…and I really loved the turn out!…Hope U guys also thought the same..check out the few tutorial on my YT and lemme know what Ya’ll think 😛

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