Grubbing & Shopping..Best MEXICAN stop in Bangkok! “La Monita Taqueira” Siam Paragon

SO…today I finally got off my lazy ass from editing videos and recording tutorials at home & decided to meet up with one of my besties for lunch, who recently just came back from her 2 months trip to Denmark (Yes..she’s Danish)…Also it was time for me to shop for some new work clothes..since I’ll be starting a spanky brand new job this coming Friday…(more about that in the next post…possibly)..Of course after hitting all the usual stores and did a few re-runs of my favourite shopping route ..(which ALWAYS included H&M, Forever21 and PULL&BEAR)…We decided to grab a quick bite to eat…Nachos & Quesadillas to be exact..and of course many of you will be wondering…eh??..Mexican food in Bangkok?? Where can one possibly satisfy ones cravings for Mexican food here?..Well my dears…it so happens that not far from where we were shopping (Siam Paragon Mall, G floor to be very exact)..there parked a cute little truck..(that’s right….!inside the mall)..selling mexican food!!..GAhhhh…was my first initial reaction when I first saw the truck…That’s freakin’ WICKED!!..and guess what?..the food was delicious too!..The name of this little gem is La Monita Taqueria.

La Monita Taqueira, Siam Paragon Bangkok THAILAND

 After being shown to our seats..we ordered straightway..(the smells were just too enticing!)..We ordered some Nachos with “Red Chicken” topping & also a basket of mini quesadillas with minced beef to share..a lemon ice tea & Lychee Strawberry Soda and we’re all good..15 minutes later, we got our food…and we couldn’t dig into it fast enough lol…The Nachos were warm and crispy and the red chicken topping with melted cheese and guacamole..Gahh!..All I can say was that I was in heaven…and of course it didn’t take us long to gobble it all up and be on our way to our next shop stop.and yes it was that good..I even blogged about it!..So if any of you guys are coming out to Thailand and craving Mexican food while ure out here (It can happen!)…I highly recommend this place!..perfect spot for when ure tired from shopping and just wanna grab a quick bite without having to walk around too the price is pretty damn good!..the total of our meal came to approx B 800 which is around $ 25 or 15 GBP..not bad for two full bellies..!

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