Glitter Cut Crease & Purple Lips Feat. LIME CRIME UTOPIA

YES! So I finally I got my hands on this new badass colour UTOPIA from Lime Crime! *Screams* and what a stunning shade of purple it really is! The promo pictures featuring the colour really did not dissappoint! With such a vibrant blend of orchid purple and deep violet, I was first quite skeptical about how wearable it would for daytime look but once it on, well the rest was history because this colour definitely hit it off big time with me!!  Thank you so much Lime Crime Thailand for fueling my obsession with Lime Crime Lip colours even further! 

To celebrate I pretty much jumped right in and started filming this tutorial almost as soon as I got home…and the outcome of the the eye makeup was actually quite impressive! The dark cut crease and glitter on the lids really offsets the vibrant purple on the lips making the whole look really come together 🙂

 Products I used to achieve this look:

Lorac Pro Palette
UD Midnight Cowboy Glitter Pen

UD 24/7 Glide On Black Pencil

Maybelline Hypergloss Black Liner

Anastasia Brow Powder Duo “Caramel”

Boktoh Lashes 019 (Thai Brand)

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer

Tarte “Glisten” Blush

Lime Crime Utopia

So let’s get this tutorial started shall we? 😉

  1. After priming your eyes, take a GOLD colour from the Lorac Pro Palette (If you don’t have the palette just use something similar) and just apply that all over the upper fold of your crease.
  2. Blend out any harsh edges and follow by apply a few dabs of CHAMPAGNE & NUDE all over your main lids.
  3. Apply the colour ESPRESSO onto the outer V to create the an outline of your crease. Deepen the colour until you are happy with the intensity.
  4. Andd of course blend out any harsh lines (a key to creating any makeup look is to BLEND GIRL!!) 
  5. Create a cat eye with any black liner of your choice, for me I personally prefer liquid liners (Maybelline Hypergloss Liner to be exact) since they give off a nice and neat clean cut finish to any look.
  6. Go back to ESPRESSO (or any dark browns) to further deepen your crease, this will really help make the whole look pop!
  7. Apply a pair of falsies of your choice, I am using a pair of BOKTOH 019 (Thai Brand) natural lashes, follow that by applying some BLACK along your lower lash line to intensify your look further.
  8. Next is onto the fun part! Apply some glitter all over your main lids as well as your lower lash line to add some bling 😉 Here I am using my favourite URBAN DECAY MIDNIGHT COWBOY glitter pen^^…Use your fingers to spread out the glitter across your lids.

Lastly to finish the whole look off, it’s time to put on our pout! Here I am so excited to be using my Lime Crime UTOPIA for the first time, and I feel that the glitter on the eyes and this beautiful orchid purple colour compliments well with each other.

Hope you guys enjoyed this quick pictorial for this look! Be sure to check out my full makeup tutorial on my YouTube channel! Thanks for tuning in and I’ll see U all in my next post ^_^ Byeee x

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