DIY Hair Colouring at Home!

My dear ladies…we meet I’m going to show you how I colour and touch up my hair & roots at home..Since I have ridiculously long and thick hair, it literally takes the whole day if I were to go to the salon to have it professionally done….and not just that.. it comes with a nice hefty price tag also! In the days before opting the DIY route, I would often spend up to B5,000+ on JUST hair colouring alone..which is approx. $ 156+..crazy right…(& here I thought Bangkok was meant to be a good deal for anything..tut tut..)..So yeh here goes my little demo and mini review for this hair colour I have been loving for the past few months, it is Mirror Ash by Schwarzkopf and oh my god…the colour is just absolutely stunning..for those of you who are looking for a colour change, but don’t want to go too light or drastic, then this might be a perfect choice especially if you are like me… who is more into cooler hair colour shades with grey/green undertones, you would deff love this! One box of this hair colour kit costed me around B 219 which is approx. $ 6- 7….huge difference no?..LOL..Exactly..:P

&..ofcoz like I mentioned before, because my hair is crazy thick and long (even after the trim last week!)…I still needed 2 boxes of colour to fully cover my whole head!…So…here goes! ^^

FRESH LIGHT ‘Mirror Ash’ by Schwarzkopf 

As you can see, the packaging is TOO DAMN CUTE!! of the many reasons why I kept going back (Yes I am a sucker for cute packaging….who isn’t?)..the back of the box indicates rough colour estimations of the results you could get depending on your starting hair colour..and it’s actually not too off charts…The box kit includes:

  1. A Pair of Protective Gloves
  2. The instructions
  3. The Hair Colourant Cream
  4. The Hair Colour Developer & Applicator 
  5. After Colour Conditioner
    Hair Kit Components

So first off, after putting on your handy dandy protective gloves, you will need to combine the hair colourant with the hair developer & shake it up real good (make sure you have the container lid ON! and not the applicator comb!) Once the hair colourant and developer is properly shaken up and combined, it is now time to start applying it the hair! First section off your hair into equal thirds, starting from the base of your head first then gradually work upwards towards the top of your head. Don’t forget your side burns and any baby hair along your hairline too!! lol

Mix the Hair Colourant + Hair Developer

For Root Touch Ups  Leave in for approx 15 minutes, since virgin hair takes more time to change.

For Full Head Leave in for 20 minutes, massage the product into your hair to help disperse the colour.

I did a full on 15 minutes followed by an additional 20 on the rest of my hair with massages in between each coat to really help massage and disperse the colour evenly. After the time is over, rinse out the colour whilst gently massaging your scalp. Make sure to not leave any colour residue on your hair as this can lead to dandruff and all that yucky stuff T_T..Finally coat your hair with the conditioner that came with the kit…leave in for 2 minutes..wash out..and VOILA!!…Gorgeous homemade hair colour ^_^

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