F(x) 에프엑스 ‘Red Light’ Half & Half Inspired Makeup Tutorial

My latest tutorial for kpop fanatics out there!! This is my latest makeup recreation inspired by the lovely and talented korean girl group f(x). I based this look from no one member in particular but rather just a generalised concept from their latest comeback ‘Red Light’. 

What caught my attention about this look is the unique ‘half & half’ makeup each member wore, one eye being a dark smokey and the other being a simple neutral shade, paired off with ombre dark wine lips, very interesting trend indeed no? At first it did throw me off a little once I completed the look on myself, it is deff not suitable for an everyday look for me but hey if you’re into unique attention grabbing makeup then why not? Of course as always I went with my #Lorac Pro palette to achieve this look, hope you guys like it watch the tutorial and lemme know what y’all think 😉

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