REQUESTED: My Eye Makeup Brushes & Usage

Hi ladies! Welcome back once again to my blog 🙂 So I’ve been requested (a long while back actually >.<) do a blogpost on the brushes I personally use on myself when I create my makeup looks..I use a decent number of brushes to create my looks (after many trial & errors) and decided that these 8 are my personal must haves! All of them (apart from one) are from Sigma. I personally prefer Sigma brushes because not only are they reasonably priced, but the quality is superb. I’ve had mine for at least 2 almost 3 years now, and they are all still intact! Hardly any shedding, with the right care and regular cleaning of ure makeup brushes, u can keep them for a long LONG time. Which is one of the reasons why I tend to go for good quality ‘high end’ brushes over cheap shorter lifespan ones (if ure like me and get attached to one makeup tool for years, without ever wanting to get rid of it, it’s better to get a decent good quality one!)…Although they may be pretty darn pricey, but if taken care of properly will last U a lifetime!.So look after them brushes girls! (I may do a separate blogpost on how to care for ure brushes…let me know if u want me to 🙂 ANYWAY…let’s get into the topic then shall we? 😉

Before we get into the details of what each of the brushes are used/ recommended for..Let’s have a quick look at the ‘Eye Makeup’ chart that many of us tend to get a little confused over (including myself!)..this chart personally helped me a lot to understand where to place the different colour combos, so hopefully it will help u guys just as much^^..

Hope U guys found this blog helpful! Let me know if U have any questions^^! See u in the next post 😀

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