{REQUESTED} How to keep your eye makeup from smearing + Products I use!

Hi ladies, so once again I am back with another requested blogpost. This time I will be addressing the one problem many girls face (which I am sure affects 70-80% of us women..lol), and that is of course the ‘smudged eyeliner’ crisis, (unless that is the look you are trying to rock for halloween or something!)..and yep..unfortunately this is a very common makeup problem. This is especially true for those with combination to oily skin. Although I am blessed a less problematic skin type…ie..I have normal to dry skin…it means that I suffer ‘less’ from smudges and smearing throughout the day…Nevertheless, during the hot summer months or just being exposed to a humid environment, I too cannot escape the panda eyes.. So here it is what I learnt throughout the years..the techniques I do personally to help stop or reduce smearing (and I mean from MANY years of trial and error!)..hopefully this will help many of you!..I will also throw in my own list of products that had helped ME..So yep! Let’s get started ^^…

4 Steps to help your eye makeup from smearing!

  1. Use a makeup primer Using a makeup primer can significantly help reduce makeup smearing…even waterproof makeup! Prime both your main lids, and the area under your eyes! Throughout the day our makeup tends to slide around quite a bit due to the amount of activity we go through each day. All the blinking, sweating, the messing around with our face with our fingers without realizing actually contributes to smearing and smudging of ANY brand/type of products without the help of a primer. Primers act as a bridge between skincare and makeup, which means that it keeps the skin moisturized without getting oily, hence allowing makeup to adhere better. This allows your makeup to stay in one place without getting smudged for longer! ESPECIALLY around the eyes 😉
  2. Apply more powderSet the whole entire eye area with powder after applying eye primer/concealer. This will really help seal the makeup and won’t let it slide around during the course of your day! You can choose either loose or pressed, totally up to you but just remember to brush off any excess with a big fluffy brush. You can also set your eyeliner with a black eye shadow. this helps keep your eyeliner/makeup from smearing 🙂
  3. Choose where to apply your linerFor smudge free liners, instead of applying your eyeliner directly onto of your eye makeup/ eye lids, try apply it along the inner most corner of your inner lids (Inner corner of your upper waterline), this now only makes your eyes appear bigger and more defined, but it can also help the product from smearing. This technique is best used with gel liners and creamy waterproof pencil liners 🙂
  4. Don’t over moisturize!- Moisturize your face in moderation. Too much moisturizing leads to excess oils, which will not only block your pores but can also cause your eye makeup to smear/smudge.

My top 5 eyeliners that is SMUDGE FREE! 🙂

1. Too Faced ‘Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner’
2. NYX ‘Super Skinny Eye Marker’

3. IN2IT Waterproof Gel Liner (Asian Brand)
4. ETUDE HOUSE ‘Drawing Show Gel Liner’
5. ETUDE HOUSE ‘Oh M’Eye Line’

For me personally..if I know I will be doing a lot of running around or definitely going to be out somewhere humid or somewhere that is going to make me get a little sweaty and oily, I will try not to use pencil or gel liners, instead I will either opt for pen liners or liquid liners. From my experience this best suit hot/humid weather, and tend to be less affected by any excess oil/sweat on our skin…hence a smudge free eye makeup!^^..Lastly, a tip for a smudge free makeup (although I have not tried this yet personally!) I have heard from somewhere that if you spray a bit of hair spray (a good distance away from your face please!!!) onto your eye makeup (and yes keep your eyes closed!) this will also help with the smearing, however I have not tried this yet so I can’t say that it would or would not work! Anyway hope these little tips and product recommendations have helped you! If any of you would like me to do a separate video on this ..let me know ^^…take care and see you all in the next blogpost! xxx

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