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Sooo…I had a few of you ladies asking me (a long while back) about how I take care of my skin, what do I use and so on and so forth…and now finally..I managed to have the time to actually make a video for U guys on my everyday skincare routine (for the last 5 years)! Some of you may (or may not) know that I am actually pretty ‘old’..I’m yeh getting pretty close to the big 30 there..ahem ahem..T_T..I mean it’s really no point for me to keep it from U guys and the rest of the world because to be frank with you aging is a beautiful thing and’s just a number…right? 😛

So here it is my skincare routine…and as U will see after U watched the video, I use primarily Etude House products. And no this is not a sponsored or product placement type of video even though it may look like it! lol….I do truly and utterly swear by Etude House..their skincare line that is, I am okay with their cosmetic and makeup line. However, if I were to choose only one out of all the products from their skincare line that I really REALLY cannot live without, it would have to be their eye cream…>.<.. Not only is the packaging so damn cute..but it also WORKS. I happen to be unfortunate enough to have very puffy under eyes @_@..and it had taken me a good few years to discover and fall in love with this product (after having tried SO MANY before its discovery), the few I have tried included Clinique ‘All about the Eyes’, Benefit ‘It’s Potent’ Eye Cream and L’Occitane ‘Precious Eye Balm’..(yes all high end…I was really trying my best to invest in a ‘magic’ eye cream that would help the puffiness go away!)..However, after many trials and errors which left a big hole in my wallet, I stumbled on Etude House. And what can I say? it was love at first sight…literally…Have U seen their packaging??? *_*

Etude House Eye Cream ‘Vanilla’ 

Currently I am using the ‘Cooling Mint’ Eye Cream, even though it is my first time trying this colour..(I usually go for the Vanilla one ..Pic above), but it was out of stock during the time I ordered. At first, I thought I would not like it as much because the texture was a little bit more ‘creamy’, whereas the yellow one just glides over the skin. 

‘Cooling Mint’ Eye’s Cream

It also leaves behind a tingly/cool sensation on the skin after application. However after the first month or so of using it, I actually started liking it more! It has definitely helped reduce the amount of puffiness and even some fine lines around the eyes (this is true for both colours..)  But you really have to use it for at least 3-5 months to see any signs of improvement. I’ve used it for the last 3 years so of course it has helped greatly for me!^^

No Parabens! Yay! 

The next few items are the products I find myself repurchasing…I am just going to go through my whole skincare routine with you guys and tell U my favourite product to use from Etude House in each step ^^

Baking Powder (BB Deep Cleansing Foam)  

Why I LOVE it: It is formulated with baking powder which helps with the exfoliation by gently removing the top layer of dead skin cells and deep cleansing of the pores (wonderful when it comes to removing makeup residue). It comes in two colours, pink and blue (pictured), I am currently using the pink one and to be honest I am not sure what the difference is between the two colours lol…either ways I have tried both and they work great! To use, I dispense a small pea size amount onto my palm with some water and lather all over my face before rinsing off with cool water. (Tip: first wash with warm water to open up the pores, then rinse off with cool water to close/tighten them)

Skin Mal:gem ‘Smoother’ (Exfoliation Toner)

Why I LOVE it: This toner is applied after exfoliation, it is applied after cleansing and before serum/thick toner application. It helps minimize pores & great at removing makeup residue! I usually use this once a day or every two days since it is an exfoliation toner. To use, I dispense a few drops onto a cotton pad and dab onto my face and neck area (its consistency is very watery). It also has a very sweet flowery scent which I love!^^

Collagen Moistfull Cream (Moisturiser)

Why I LOVE it: It contains essence which is extremely hydrating and moisturize, great for my (very) dry skin. This product is great for normal to dry skin. Helps give a boost of moisture into the skin, and from my personally experience it wears well into the day and doesn’t leave my skin feel ‘dried out’…Also very little amount goes a long way so U don’t need more than a pea size amount to cover the whole face! Love this product so much! (In the video, U will see that I used the white bottle (they ran out of this one when I ordered T_T) They have almost exact same components but the white one has whitening components in it..

These are a few of my staples in my skin care routine..I hope u enjoy this mini review & thoughts of these wonderful Etude House Products!! Be sure to let me know what U think about the video ok!!…Until next time ^^ 

Moochies xoxo

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