LIME CRIME “Clueless Witch Collection” REVIEW & Swatches!!

Hi ladies! I know I haven’t done a proper product review in a long time, but here to make up for it I am going to do a quick swatch and verdict on the new Lime Crime ‘Clueless Witch Collection’. I ordered mine about 2-3 weeks ago, and it finally reached today after (an email or two), but it was understandable since it was a new product line, EVERYONE was trying to get their hands on them. I decided to order two of the three colours from the collection, ‘Salem’ & ‘Wicked’. I decided not to get the Black Velvetine because I know I personally won’t be using it as much (besides a few tutorials here and there), so I opted for the more wearable colours.

My first impression as always was just pure excitement, because I personally own many of the Lime Crime products, and absolutely loved every single one of them, so I was pretty sure I was not going to be disappointed with this purchase. The first colour I am going to quickly review is ‘Salem’. This is a milk chocolatey brown colour, with a very slight sweet scent of chocolate! (I think?? it smells like something sweet nevertheless!!!). When I first swatched the colour on the back of my hand, it felt very ‘dry’, which I later found out was actually ‘lightweight’ (after having swatched it on my lips afterwards). The colour dried very quickly within seconds after application, leaving a phenomenal velvety/matte finish on your lips.

I only needed the one coat to achieve the matte finish but you can definitely reapply as many times as you like to really exude the velvety look on the lips. What I absolutely loved about this product was because it dried so quickly after application, it left no smear/smudge lip excess marks, even after kissing the back of my hand. It felt so lightweight I can barely feel it! This is great because it means that you won’t need to reapply the lip colour throughout the day, and no need to worry that it will disappear after eating lunch or

The second colour, ‘Wicked’ has more of an earthy red tone to it, and it is also now my personal favourite. Like ‘Salem’ it gives off a very matte/velvety finish to the lips after application, however with both products you have to be careful while applying, since it is so lightweight it can easily be smudged if you nudge it even slightly while trying to fill in your lip area. I personally recommend a lip brush to tidy up around the edges for a neater application.

So in conclusion, unsurprisingly I do absolutely adore these two lip products from Lime Crime, it does exactly what is promised, a beautiful velvety matte finish to the lips….however, as I’ve mentioned before you have to be very patient and careful while applying onto your lips to prevent smearing. Is it worth the price?? well that is debatable for different people, but for me it’s fine since the quality is up to par. A proper review will be up on my channel shortly so keep a watch out on that!

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