‘Angel Dust’ PEARYPIE Inspired Makeup Tutorial || TAYA SUNAZ (+playlist)

Hi guys…So today I want to mention about one up and coming makeup artist I have been admiring..and I’m pretty sure most of you have heard of her before especially if you are Thai..she goes but the name of Amata Chittasenee or ‘Pearypie’. Besides the fact that she is the first Thai makeup artist I truly look up to for creativity and inspiration, she is also extremely talented and grounded when it comes to sharing her tips and makeup techniques to her viewers. Her style is very unconventional and she makes some of the looks so achievable by the simple steps shown in her videos…and so I decided to recreate one of her amazing work, ‘Angel Dust’ from two years ago

 I seriously had so much fun recreating it!..it is probably one of the most arty looks I have recreated so far, and the turn out could not have been better! She truly inspires me to become better at my craft, and that is the goal I hope to achieve.

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