My resolutions 2014: INNER BEAUTY = HAPPINESS from within!

A warm welcome back to my blog for the beginning of a very beautiful new year! It’s already a week into 2014, and some changes has already occurred in my life 🙂 good ones..don’t worry..hehe..
And as most people would at the beginning of each new year I thought of starting to write up my New Year’s Resolutions of all the wonderful things I hope to be achieving in the coming months…However, due to the very fact that every year has been more or less the same for me, whereby I start off with a fabulous long list of all things I want to achieve, I always end up trailing off my positive ambitions mid month of every January each year! and I am sure I am not the only one either…(right??).. I remembered the longest I was able to keep up with my resolutions was until February, so I decided that instead of focusing all of this positive energy on writing out a list of new/old resolutions over and over again each year, I wanted to focus all this positive energy on something else….my inner happiness…or inner BEAUTY.

For most people, I am sure that this may sound kind of familiar, yet kind of alien at the same time, but a conceptual understanding of this inner beauty I guess varies from person to person. For myself, I think that your inner beauty derives from your inner sense of happiness which in turn comes from your ultimate sense of satisfaction and self acceptance. Your inner beauty can glow from inside out and that in turn will help fuel your outer beauty we all know so well! So it is to my INNER BEAUTY that I am toasting my 2014 resolutions to this year! Because frankly I want to be able to instill & cultivate this value in me forever not just because of it being yet another new year 🙂

I will be posting another video purely relating to this topic of inner beauty, and my concept and 4 personal tips on what I think can help me to achieve my own inner beauty.

1. Love yourself more than others (Don’t be taken for granted)
2. Surround yourself with positive people & positive energy
3. Learn from your mistakes/ Let go of the past & Learn how to forgive
4. Think outside the box (Open new opportunities for yourself!)

so be sure to check out my video if you would like to hear what I have to say about it!


Happy New Year once again! See you all in the next post 😉

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