I am KPOP inspired..!!

So like any other typical warm blooded asian that I am, I am into anything that is cute…tiny.. or associated with hello kitty..and yes that includes KPOP! Not suggesting that KPOP has anything to do with hello kitty but the one thing they do have in common is that they are Oh so cute & stylish.. I found my love for KPOP a couple of years back, and living in Bangkok for the past 8 years kinda fueled my interest and love for it even more! To me it is more than just a music genre it is one hell of a culture, and I am really loving everything from the artists’ clothes…hair..makeup and of course the songs themselves (after translations of course).. I am in awe of how cute and absolutely beautiful their MV’s and onscreen makeup are..and of course it left to very little persuading for me to try recreate some of their looks 🙂

I have decided to recreate one of my new found KPOP Girl Group Favourites ‘Girl’s Day’, it came as a random and rather pleasant surprise actually. I stumbled on their latest MV  ‘Sometimes’, and man was I hooked! I was not only drawn in by the song itself but also their makeup in the MV was very soft & feminine yet fiercely sexy at the same time…I guess one of KPOP’s strong points is their ability to portray a soft innocent sexiness in all their looks. 

I chose to recreate one of the Girl’s Day member’s looks, ‘Yura’. I absolutely loved the beautiful bold lips paired with soft eyes in this look, it really gives her this fierce sense of sexiness and innocence at the same time.

This is my recreation of the look 🙂 I pretty much stuck to the neutrals of my NAKED 3 palette to achieve the eye look & played around with the ombre effect on the lips ^^

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