Crazy Cool Hair tool!!! ‘Curl Freak’ by Rusk Engineering :)

Hey guys! I am back with another wicked find! Well..okay I actually got it for my christmas present but I’ve known about it for awhile!! It is the Rusk Engineering ‘Curl Freak’ Curler, and man is it rocking my world (hair world) that is…I absolutely am in love with this amazing gadget, it was so much easier to use than I thought and more importantly it left my hair in curls that VS girls can be envious of 😛

There three settings on the side of the curler that you can adjust according to your styling preference, this includes, the curling direction, L, R & can choose whether you want to curl your hair to left…(towards your face) to the right (away from your face) or both! (alternating between left and right) this little funky machine can do it all. It comes with 3 temp. settings too. 1, 2 & 3. I tend to use the highest heat, since I have very thick hair and A LOT of it might I add, so high heat was the only way to go for me. There is also 4 timer settings on the side of the curler, 0,8,10,12….0 being a custom able time that you can determine for yourself how long you want your hair in the barrel for..however, I don’t really recommend steering away from using the initial given timer settings, since this tool can get up to 230 degrees! and don’t want to keep your hair in that type of heat for too long 😉

For tighter curls, I recommend that you use smaller segmented chunks of hair when you curl, and keep it in their for 12 secs, heat setting is up to your hair type. If you have thin hair keep it at low heat, but if you have thick hair like I do, you would want it at high. For loose Victoria Secret-esque hair, you’d want to feed in thicker segments of your hair into the barrel, and at medium heat for thick hair…and low heat for thin hair.

I am absolutely impressed by the outcome of the curls, and what I like to do after each curling session is to nourish my hair with a leave in conditioner or hair serum.

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