D.I.Y Blinged out Phone Covers!

So are you all set for all the christmas pressies you need to get your loved ones? ..or are any of your friends a glitter/bling-mania? If they are then this might just be a perfect little christmas gift for them 🙂 As intricate & overwhelmingly fiddly as it looks, these cases were actually fairly easy to decorate! because once you have started, it is kinda difficult to stop! LOL it kinda carries you away with it in a way! It took me approximately 2 hours in total to completely finish each of my cases & it was such an overwhelming sense of accomplishment once you have finally completed it!

  I felt so proud of myself for having completed each one of them, plus they look really pretty & I know now I don’t need to rip an arm or a leg for one of the Lux Addiction covers! All in all I spent altogether just under $15 for each of my creation, and had a ton of fun making them 🙂 Be sure to check out my tutorial on my channel if you would like to see how I achieved these amazing gift ideas!

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