2NE1 PARK BOM ‘Missing You’ MV Makeup

I have been and always will be a DIE HARD 2NE1 FAN! Blackjacks FOREVER! lol I am absolutely in love with this group’s sense of style, music & above all MAKEUP looks! I love getting beautiful inspirations from their numerous MVs.


Their newest MV ‘Missing You’ is one of my favourite makeup looks on the girls, they look absolutely flawless & effortlessly stunning. The theme of their makeup in the MV fits in perfectly with the holiday season, the colors reflect the cool scenes of Winter. I especially LOVED Bommie’s makeup, I guess it’s partly to do with the bejeweled eye makeup that was definitely appealing to me! LOL (I am a softy for anything sparkly & blingy) Like a moth to the lights, I am just drawn to them haha. I had fun recreating Bommie’s makeup in this MV & I think it is by far one of my fave looks ever recreated from an idol, so I hope you guys enjoy it! 🙂


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