I am so excited to say that this was my first time ever experiencing the beauty of thanksgiving here in the States, and it was incredibly festive & warm! Left me happy fuzzy feelings inside, and I could not deny the chance to get my hands on making my own turkey (thighs) for two..lol…since there’s no way  2 people can really finish a whole turkey, plus I had no idea how to bake one form scratch so it was all a wonderful experience! & to be fair, it really didn’t turn out that badly at all :P, at least it seems that way with my boyfriend’s empty plate lol! So just want to wish everyone a wonderful thanksgiving & happy holidays! I have also posted a quick get ready with me OOTD Thanksgiving & a VLOG-MAS will come up shortly 🙂 so stay tuned x

My Thanksgiving OOTD 
SUCCESS! My first attempt to making Thanksgiving 🙂

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