Time for some tranquility & inner peace..

I started off my weekend with some spiritual cleansing and so off we went to one of Bangkok’s most holy and worshipped temples, not far from Khao San rd..(ofcoz we did not miss the good ol’ street shopping later…I got 4 vests at B 100 apiece, $3!!!! eeeek!!! you’d be jumping up and down with joy too if you were me..) The smell from the burning incense and candles was really calming, triggering a sense of serenity amongst its worshippers alongside the lulling chants coming from the main temple hall. It had been an incredible start to the much needed weekend, and I have never felt so much better about life every time I visit any place of worship, I guess giving yourself time to really be with yourself and focus on your own inner thoughts can be such an immense experience  đź™‚

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