Coffee break & Crazy Shoes!!

Another relaxing afternoon with my family…it’s time for some more bargain shopping…coffee breaks and some crazy shoes!! We checked out a few Jeffrey Campbell’s new arrivals…and I guess fashion can be a topic of debatable taste..and sanity?…lol…Well I am not hating on it..but I am just not sure what exactly went through the designer’s head or what exactly inspired him to come out with such strong and CRAZY a** designs…don’t get me wrong.. I love Campbell’s designs..(I own 4 pairs of litas…yes that’s right)…& ofcoz when his new designs came out I could not but help check them out…but to my dismay I guess taste or style was not in his dictionary this time Y_Y….was just NOT my cuppa tea…!! sadly…but kudos to those who has the guts to wear them off lol (or outfits to go with)…I guess if ure famous enough U can pull anything off 😛 hahahaha x

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