Beautiful Blue Lagoon

My last day at Krabi was spent exploring the beautiful clear blue waters of ‘Tha Pom Klong Song Nam’… Which is one of krabi’s most beautiful untouched piece of natural haven.. The waters were crystal clear.. You can see the bottom of the lagoon.. Full of life and natural wonders of the Thailand’s Wildlife. It was such a wonderful experience for me.. I was so happy to be able to experience it on my last day with my family in krabi ..My Vlog on this special day out will be up soon ^_^

‘Tha Pom Klong Song Nam’

The waters at this place was the clearest blue I have ever seen so far. Apparently according to the park rangers there, there is an abundance of both sea and fresh water fish in the lagoon because the under current of the lagoon is salt water whilst the top part is fresh water, which may be the reason why it is this beautiful and so clear.

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