New York! New York!

Our summer soon came to an end with our last trip  spent in New York. After staying with my bf’s family in Boston for 2 weeks, we decided to venture out into the big apple for our last weekend together. I was also planning to meet up with a long lost friend I have not seen in 6 years, and hell was it great to finally meet her!! I got her a hello kitty brush holder set as my reunion gift, since she was a fanatic fan of Sanrio and especially Hello Kitty (she is half asian so it’s perfectly understandable). Since it was my first time out in NYC, I was of course really excited to see all the city lights and crazy traffic around Time Square, and hell was I not was seriously my first time experiencing a queue to walk along the pavement…it took us a good half hour to get a few meters with our big ass luggage towards our hotel..which was apparently ‘just across the road’. Either ways, the experience from the word go had been phenomenal, we had at least two people coming up to us asking for drugs. it was crazy…lol but I guess that’s what you get living in the big apple!!

The Big Apple

Times Square, NYC

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