My U.S.A Summer Trip!! First Up!…Las Vegas!!

  On the beautiful summer months of June through to July, I voyaged over the waters for 23 hours to the vast land of wonders of what is the U.S.A. After a grueling 3 layover stops, I finally made it safe and sound into my boyfriend’s loving arms. This summer would be the summer I would never forget. Not only have we been separated for 6 whole months before finally getting to see each other again, it was also my first time out in the states, and I was definitely not disappointed 🙂

Me and my man on our way to VEGAS yo!! 😉

The trip to Vegas took approximately 2 hours for us..and so by the time we eventually arrived, it was already pretty late…but that didn’t stop us from dumping our bags at the hotel and heading straight out to explore the sin city!! The first night was an epic insight to the world of Vegas. Of course we stayed up until 4 am, and of course we already lost about $200 to the slots from the word go…lol but hell..we tell was all part of our great adventure together..and we are going to make the most of every single minute of it 🙂

Our epic ‘First Night’ in the Sin City!

Date Nights in Sin City

We spent 4 days 3 nights altogether in Vegas, and hell did we make sure to make the most of every single minute of it!! Besides scavenging through slot machines in various hotels and casinos on the main strip, we also managed to venture outside the chaotic bustle of Vegas. On the third and final full day of our stay we decided to go on a full day trip out to the Grand Canyons and also the Hoover Dam. This excursion included an early one hour bus drive out onto Arizona side, on which after too many free cappuccinos from our hotel breakfast buffet, I suddenly had the agonizing urge to use the bathroom. Dammit. It happens every single time I have to travel somewhere far and of course this time being there was not going to be any bathroom breaks or stops because we were in the middle of the dessert (surprise surprise!). So yep, I pretty much had to hold it and nearly passed out in the process but what awaited us at the end of our journey was well and truly worth every squealing minute of it.
We flew over the Grand canyon in a helicopter, and I was so excited because it was my first time on one! The view from above looking down onto the canyons was beyond amazing, the marvels of natures work over time is speechlessly spectacular. Being able to share it with someone you love really made it even more special. It was a moment we both will never forget.

Our helicopter ride over the Grand was AMAZING!!!

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