BOSTON…my dream city..

A week or two after our extremely fulfilling trip out to Vegas which left us both exhausted and seemingly broke, we decided that our next destination should be somewhere not too heavy on our pockets, and so Boston it was. Not because it was any cheaper but because my bf’s family lived out there, so crashing with them for the next 2 weeks seemed more than ideal to us. After another 2 hours of plane ride, we finally reached my bf’s home sweet home, and I couldn’t have felt more happier to be there.. The place was so warm and welcoming and the people were actually quite nice for city folks. Plus my bf’s mum is crazy good with home cooked meals! I never ate so much and so well for so long lol. Either ways Boston really captured my heart in the way that the city was not too busy or crowded yet it had everything any big cities should have, and if you want to get away from the bustle and hustle of the city life then you pretty much can just sneak into a nearby park or just go back home since most of the residential areas were very peaceful and quiet…Loved it. I pretty much told my bf that if we were ever going to settle down in the states, Boston is definitely on top of my list 🙂

Downtown Boston

Boston, Massachusetts. LOVED IT.

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